Smackdown: The Shield continue to occupy main event status

shieldmainThe pack of jackals – Source: World Wrestling Entertainment

Thanks for coming to The Real Mid Card and let’s take a look at last night’s episode of Friday Night Smackdown.

The show started with Team Brickie in the ring vowing to restore order. Daniel Bryan came out to mock them and introduce the new Tag Team Champions, Cody Rhodes and Goldust. Vickie booked the three of them against The Shield and laughed maniacally, as if they were about to face a team, the likes of which they had never faced before.

The Wyatt Family v Kofi Kingston & The Miz: Bray is injured and was therefore occupying his permanent (for the time being) manager role at ringside. His boys got the win after Black Beard delivered a decapitative (I know that’s not a legitimate word) clothesline to Kofi. Bray cut a bizarre promo, and that was that.

Brie Bella v AJ Lee: Brie (shoulder bandage and all) and AJ had a decent match. Bryan must have been doing some teaching. Brie did botch the X-Factor though, but got the win. Good thing pro wrestling is predetermined.

Lilian Garcia was about to announce a match when bad boy Big Show arrived through the crowd. He cut a heartfelt promo thanking all of the fans for all of their support. Maddox and Guerrero came out, and the man with nothing to lose knocked Brad out cold. The crowd went wild – cool moment!

CM Punk v Big E Langston: What happened to this guy? Well this match went a good way to putting it right anyway. It was probably the match of the night. Both guys came out looking real strong and both did really well. Punk won this hard fought encounter, but before he could enjoy it, the Paul E trio were on the stage. Heyman weirdly buried Langston, before bigging up Ryback. I see it the other way around myself, but Paul has to do his job. Punk bit back at Heyman on the mic, and Paul sent his two dogs on him. Langston recovered to make the save and clear the ring with Punk, in a strangely face moment, before shouting “Who’s the rookie now?!” up the ramp to The Walrus, in response to what had been said about him earlier. A good segment that could be a turning point for Langston.

langstonBig E Langston steps up – Source: World Wrestling Entertainment

Alberto Del Rio came to the ring with a Mexican flag to do a promo with Josh Matthews. They showed a really emotional and inspirational John Cena vignette, which made me feel like I was six again. What’s happening to me? Josh asked for his reaction. ADR labelled Cena the “Ultimate Gringo” which was hilarious. He mocked and dismissed him, then laid the Cross Armbreaker on Matthews to send a message.

The Real Americans v The Usos: The highlights of this match were the Cesaro Swing which is just about not irritating (not for long), and the incredibly funny commentary offered by Zeb Colter. Los Matadores arrived after he had been slating them all the way through the match. The bull “gored” him twice, which was horrifying to watch. The Usos took advantage of the mayhem and combined well with a vicious kick to the head and a splash from the top to put away Jack Swagger.

bullzebA true wrestling legend with a midget up his ass – Source: World Wrestling Entertainment

Daniel Bryan came out for his match. Randy Orton came to the stage to cut a generic “I will win at the pay-per-view” promo, which was weird because that’s usually good for the go home show. What an easy night for Randal!

Daniel Bryan & The Rhodes Brothers v The Shield: Goldust is so, so, so cool! That had to be said. As for the match, it was a fast paced, frantic and exciting main event. The highlight for me was the incredible underhook suplex from the top rope by Ambrose on Bryan. Rollins was also awesome in delivering a powerbomb onto Cody Rhodes, onto Goldust, onto the announce table! Bryan killed Ambrose off with the Busaiku high knee for the win though, and the faces celebrated as the show went off the air.


As always, I will explain my rating. I have to say fair play to WWE. They may have blew their load early in the build to Hell in a Cell, and that can sometimes cause the later shows to drag on in anticipation for the big show. With this episode, they did all that was needed. It was fairly predictable, but it held my attention for the most part, and there wasn’t anything really bad about it. Can’t complain.

Craig [Editor]


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