FAWF (Pt. 5): Kitchen Madness

Thanks for checking out my thoughts on the triumphant return of the Figure Action Wrestling Federation. It’s been a while, but today I can treat you to some photographs which illustrate the physicality of the latest pay-per-view: Kitchen Madness. With a new theme, seemingly straight from the mind of Vince Russo, things were always going to be interesting. There is also a new member of the roster: Big Show. He was in a very strange match indeed. Let’s take a look!

Big Show v Sin Cara (Kitchen Madness)Big Show v Sin Cara
The Giant attempts to throw Sin Cara outside the pan, and into the water.

John Cena Handicap Toaster

John Cena v Triple H & CM Punk
Cena dunks these two legends into the toaster with ease.

Kofi Kingston v Randy Orton (Kitchen Madness)

Randy Orton v Kofi Kingston
They’ve had many a match together, but never a Refrigerator Match.

So that’s all from the FAWF this time. There is sure to be more to come very soon. Thanks for checking out The Real Mid Card. If you’re a weirdo, you may have found this entertaining. See you again soon!

Craig [Editor]


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