The Weekly Editorial: Why I think WWE should turn The Real Americans babyface

faceamericansCould Cesaro and Swagger be today’s patriots? – Source: World Wrestling Entertainment

Thanks for checking out the weekly segment in which I like to spout off about an opinion, or an idea, or a thing.

Today I’m going to briefly explore the possibility of The Real Americans turning babyface. I say briefly, because it doesn’t take much exploring. For starters, they have a great gimmick. As far as thrown-together random tag teams go, they are fortunate to be working such traditional type characters. The only strange thing about them is the fact that instead of being patriotic in a positive way, they are being racist and xenophobic. All you need to do is just keep that passion in check and not be offensive, and the fans will eat it up.

They have a tremendous man speaking for them in Zeb Colter. Not only would I give my right arm to look as legendary with a moustache as he does when I get a bit older, I’d give my left arm to have a conversation with him about wrestling. Formerly known as Dutch Mantel, the man is one of the most respected minds in the business, and boy can he cut a promo! So much so, that this heel tag team is getting over with the crowd. The iconic “We the people” catchphrase is catching on like wildfire in every town, and with the introduction of the phenomenal “Cesaro Swing” they are becoming a real attraction. My only fear is that the office will rinse that swing for all it’s worth, keep putting them in comedy matches, and shove the swing down our throats. Provided they don’t do that, I definitely see promise here.

Now even if these guys are a little racist, and even if they do wear dark colours, the fans are slowly warming to them. It could be the awesome yellow flags, the catchphrase, the great in-ring work that both of these guys are capable of. They have enough to get over. They just need one thing to guarantee it. Turn them face, give them American flags and have them defend their country with honour and pride. Zeb can still be the mouthpiece to drive them on. I would take them off TV for a couple of weeks to give us fickle fans a chance to forget all about them, and then introduce them as a modern day throwback to the patriotic, athletic brotherhoods of the past.

These two guys are traditional quality workers. I would put them in a similar type of situation as that of Team Angle a decade ago, only babyface. I would give them all the flags on the attire, maybe some gum-shields, and really sell them as an almost-Olympic style Team USA wrestling force. Sure, there is a logic gap there with Cesaro being Swiss, but when has something obviously nonsensical ever bothered a wrestling fan? Okay, sometimes. But I think this could work, with the right planning and execution. Just have Cesaro cut an impassioned promo about how wrestling so many years on the American independents has made the US feel like home to him – probably true to some extent.

With the right influences from old school Sgt. Slaughter type characters, the patriotic attire and guys like Team Angle and their own brilliant individual abilities, I think this duo/trio could really draw as a babyface tag team. What do you think? Am I out-of-my-freekin-mind? Let me know by leaving a comment. Thanks for reading, and keep coming back to The Real Mid Card for lots more from the world of professional wrestling.

Craig [Editor]


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