TNA: Dixie Carter throws her weight around on Impact Wrestling


Dixie Carter has become an on-screen heel – Source: Ring The Damn Bell (WordPress)


Dixie Carter comes to the ring, to really loud boos, surprisingly loud. The crowd were continuously booing through her promo, Vickie Guerrero style. Dixie tells us she doesn’t need Hulk, Eric Bischoff, Jeff Jarrett (please come back Double J!) or ‘Mr Stephanie Levesque’…what the fuck! Crowd are all over her, she’s got the most heat in the company within two weeks.

Sting comes out, wanting to know what’s going on. Dixie tells Sting he needs to stay in line, he had no right to make his own match last week, as that is her job. She punishes the Stinger by putting him and Magnus in a tag match vs Christopher Daniels and Kazarian, and If they don’t win, they won’t be competing at BFG.


I’ve seen this match a good few times before, and every time it’s been good. Aries spent most of the match dominating Hardy with technical moves and grinding submissions, with Hardy trying to fight back with high flying moves and risks, good psychology. After trading their signature moves, Hardy climbed to the top rope for the Swanton Bomb, but got crotched when Aries dropkicked the top rope. Aries swiftly climbed up and grabbed Hardy, and absolutely destroyed him with a second rope Brainbuster that made me shout ‘JESUS CHRIST!’. Terrifying end to a great match.

Samoa Joe comes out and confuses everyone, and says he’s been added to the Ultimate X match at BFG. So Joe gets added and Kenny King gets forgotten about? Bullshit.

Backstage Segment – The Bro-Mans, Jesse and Robbie E, are chatting about all the girls they’ve been hooking up with. They talk about their losses last week to Eric Young/Joseph Park/ODB, but will make up for it tonight. Good interaction between the two of them, I’m becoming a fan.

Backstage Segment – Jeremy Borash is saying goodbye to EY and Park as they set off on a road trip across America to the Bound For Glory show. They’ll be posting regular updates of their journey on youtube. Pretty fun idea.


Can’t remember last time I saw an intergender match, must be years. ODB avoids Jesse’s strikes and tries to roll him up. A lot of stalling until EY and Robbie brawl to the back, giving ‘Giant Tina Turner’ LEI’D TAPA time to come out and attack ODB. She poses with the Knockouts belt and no one really cares.

Backstage Segment – Bully tells the TWO remaining remembers of Aces & 8’s (excluding Taz, because he doesn’t actually do anything) that they are going to take care of AJ for him tonight.

Backstage Segment – Sting and Magnus are discussing BFG, Maggo saying he won’t hold back in their match.

Backstage Segment – Three in a row! Interrupting cameraman knocks on Bad Influences door, with Kaz answering first saying ‘No you can’t see the Wizard!’ and Daniels popping out about a foot away from the floor saying ‘there ain’t no party like a Bad Influence party’ and closing the door. Bizarre but brilliant.


I genuinely smiled typing that out! Daniels and Kaz come out dressed in the baby blue and orange suits from Dumb and Dumber…these men are incredible. They insult the crowd, and talk about the various Hall of Fames around the world. They introduce Bobby Roode who looks overcome with emotion, sincerely thanking the crowd for their love. Kazarian says he’s been ‘slaving over a hot computer all week’ and rolls the highlight video he’s made. The video was the usual shots of slow motion moves and career moments, with quotes from the roster talking about him. I say talking about him, but it was actually footage of them talking about Sting, with ‘BOBBY ROODE’ overdubbed each time they said his name. This was honestly one of the funniest things I’ve seen in wrestling, I was crying with laughter.

Roode makes his speech, patronising the fans and putting down Kurt Angle. He lists his achievements until Kurt comes out! he stares towards the ring as E.G.O freak out, and then takes off his shirt, looking absolutely JACKED. He looks way more muscular than before he left, more like his ‘Wrestling Machine’ era in WWE. He challenges Roode to a match at BFG and he looks devastated. A potential show-stealer no doubt.


Sabin covers Sky’s signature entrance (when she bends forward between the ropes and the camera shows her arse) with his jacket and the crowd boo accordingly, then Brooke shakes HER arse for the camera when she comes in. A lot of arse shaking going on. Brooke seems to be dressed like ’98 Chyna, because she’s evil and all that. Even though Velvet is selling her injured ribs, she still goes for big moves. Brooke eventually gets a rollup for the win. They desperately need to hire a few more knockouts.

Promo Video – We see new wrestler Ethan walk into a photo studio, insulting everything he passes by. He stands by two women in bikinis with Great Dane’s, and turns to reveal it’s…Derrick Batemen! You may have seen him on NXT a couple of years ago, after which he was nearly repackaged as the ‘USA Guy’ (watch the vignettes on youtube). The video then reveals his full name is ‘Ethan Carter III’ or ‘EC3’. I think this is a great acquisition for TNA, he’s young, has a fair bit of experience and he’s not known for a certain gimmick, they can mold him into whatever they want.


As Sting and his mate make his way to the ring, we are treated to a shot of a fan in the crowd with full Sting facepaint doing the most unenthusiastic ‘woooo’ I’ve ever seen. BI do quick tags and dominate Magnus in the early going. I think this choice is completely backwards, surely Magnus should look strong going into their BFG match. Basic heel tactics to fire up the crowd, who are heavily behind the faces. The hot tag for Sting comes at the right time, and he clears house. He tags straight out so Maggy can hit his elbow drop, but instead or going for the pin, he goes for his Cloverleaf submission. This gives Daniels enough time to recover and break it up. Sting tags himself in, throws Daniels out, Stinger splash to Kaz and a Scorpion Deathdrop for the win.

Magnus looks disappointed, because he couldn’t pull the trigger again. This subtle ending actually makes a lot of sense, and teases a heelturn.

Backstage Segment – Dixie tries to bribe AJ out of his upcoming matches with a cheque. She says he can spend it on a foundation for ‘redneck kids who can’t read’. Dixie is really getting into this character, as she belittles AJ, who rips up the cheque and throws it in her face.


Bully, Brooke and the two lads come to ringside, and Bully threatens Mike Tenay until he gives him his seat. Mike completely bitches out and gets up quickly, looking terrified. AJ jumps both opponents as soon as he gets to the ring and gets the upper hand, jobbers. After a blind tag from Knux, the Aces get the upper hand and beat down AJ. This tells me that TNA have absolutely no faith in Garett, not even in a handicap match. AJ hits a flying forearm and Pele kick on Knux, and rolls up Garett for the win. Garett’s hands were literally underneath the bottom rope, absolute train-wreck of a match.

Bully gets in the ring, bollocks the two lads and whips AJ with a chain. He backdrops him over the top rope onto the ramp, and screams in his face as Impact goes off air.

I really think the Aces & 8’s storyline has completely ran out of steam, as we’ve seen a bunch of times now, Bully doesn’t really need them anymore. Also because we’re down to two members who no one cares about, you wouldn’t be bothered if Bully sacked them too. I’d have preferred it if they’d have completely split weeks ago.

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Thanks for reading!

Joseph Holberry


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