WWE Smackdown: Did Damien Sandow turn face on a very traditional Smackdown?

sandowdelrioMr. Money in the Bank seems different – Source: World Wrestling Entertainment

Thanks for coming back for another look at this week’s Smackdown. I was very pleased with this show. Why? Wouldn’t you like to know? Read on then.

So the show opened with a really awesome segment. Vickie Guerrero was cutting a promo in the ring, when Alberto Del Rio interrupted. She suggested that, if he meant the words he so lovingly said on Raw, he would have no problem kissing her. The two of them looked like they were going to laugh for real throughout, because it must have been so fun. A man I haven’t seen much of in a while – Damien Sandow – came down and crashed the party. She booked the two of them against each other in a match later on the show. Sandow seemed to be cutting a very face promo. Then when Del Rio got him with the cheap shot and fled, Sandow actually tried to chase him out of the ring and shouted “Please come back!” repeatedly to him up the ramp. Not very heel. Come to think of it, Vickie hasn’t had a very heel week either.

Curtis Axel then battled R-Truth defending his Intercontinental Championship. This was a pretty good, lengthy opener. Truth seemed to have the rookie beat when the ref counted a three, but he quickly reversed the decision after seeing Axel had made the rope with his hand. He capitalized and got the win. These two told a good story here, an age old story.

Then we were treated to an old school throwback when two hilarious enhancement guys by the name of Los Locales (The Locals) took on the luchadore tag team version of Ryback, Los Matadores. I say took on, I mean were squashed by. That’s 3MB and now some local jobbers. When will the legitimate matches arrive?

losmatadoresLos Matadores with their ridiculous sidekick – Source: World Wrestling Entertainment

Brie Bella and The Funkadactyls won a bizarre all face Divas tag team match.

Damien Sandow and Alberto Del Rio had a very good match indeed. The Mexican tried to flee the ring early but was stopped by Sandow. With no title on the line, it’s hard to see why a heel would be so eager to compete. Well, I’m not sure he is a heel anymore. He was more like Hulk Hogan in this match, in terms of story. That’s not a par. I would welcome the change. Sandow was on top for the most part, until the classic heel Alberto started working the arm, taking advantage of Sandow hurting his shoulder on the turnbuckle.

After a shockingly appropriate time selling, the match became very end-to-end. We saw a lot of great moves, great spots and even a rare bit of blood on Sandow’s shoulder. It’s enough to make you think that the Attitude Era is back, isn’t it guys?! Del Rio eventually won with the cross armbreaker. This was a really traditional, captivating match. Top marks to two gents who I don’t always get behind. Really strong performances!

The Prime Time Players teamed with The Great Khali to face 3MB in this throwaway, filler jobfest. Young and Titus are better than this. Maybe Drew McIntyre is too, maybe.

Cody Rhodes and Goldust faced The Wyatt Family in an epic family affair of a main event. I will always adore that famous entrance, even if there is no wig. There was another one of those weird short promo vignettes to begin their opponents’ entrance. Bray is doing great, but the crowds are just dead when he gets into the ring – idiots. It’s best to keep him out of the ring and save him for Kane I think.

goldwyattI want this mask more than you would believe – Source: World Wrestling Entertainment

The announcers were kind enough to note how great Goldust is looking – I agree! This was a really excellent, – may I say again – traditional, main event match. They executed perfectly the bread and butter of tag team wrestling. The elder of the Rhodes brothers was fighting from beneath throughout, unable to get to his partner, until Cody got the hot tag for a comeback. He unleashed a rare Harley Race (or in the words of Michael Cole, and every teenage wrestling fan, Triple H) high knee and eventually won with an impressive, acrobatic roll up using the top turnbuckle. This was a great ending – it protected the Wyatts from being buried, and put over Cody and Goldust.


I will explain my rating. The show was simple but effective, and you just don’t see that enough anymore. It was a throwback to the old school in many ways, hence my overuse of the word “traditional” – It was classic wrestling executed finely by a lot of good workers. My only complaint would be the lack of Antonio Cesaro on such a card. To sum it up, it was an almost perfect “wrestling show”

Thanks for reading.

Craig [Editor]


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