My email conversation with Jim Cornette

cornettedonWith his famous tennis racket – Source: World Wrestling Entertainment

I recently sent an email to Jim Cornette, on the off chance that he would reply, as I mentioned in my recent editorial post. I wasn’t expecting a swift reply as he seems a busy man. To my delight, he was getting back to me within a day. He is too busy for a phone interview at the moment, having already committed to doing that for a few other people, but there is a possibility to do that in the future. For now, he did fire over some written responses to my questions. Check them out. I hope you enjoy reading them as much as I did. As soon as I get a chance to do a recorded phone interview, it will be on this site!

Q. What are your thoughts on The Shield?

“Truthfully I haven’t seen them in the WWE, I haven’t watched 5 complete WWE TV shows in the last 5 years and nothing at all from 2013, but I was a huge fan of Tyler Black in ROH (great look, talent, promo, and dedicated athlete with amazing skills for his size) I’m all for the younger guys getting a chance to get over and the right push to make it happen.”

Q. What do you make of Darren Young coming out?

“It was clearly staged for publicity (not that he is not really gay) but anyone who thinks he would just “happen” to come out to TMZ cameras at the airport baggage claim is crazy. It shouldn’t make any difference to anyone in or out of the sport as far as their personal feelings about him, and maybe the added publicity will help him. Now that the WWE has made the decision to have him do this, at least the one thing they can’t do is beat him relentlessly and make him look ineffective like they do with many of the other young guys or it will backfire.”

Q. Do you think there could be hope for TNA yet?

“Not to be any bigger than they are right now, and certainly not with heel Dixie :) They’ve long ago lost their chance to make a first impression. Russo’s creative doomed them in the first several years, they are always going to be perceived the way they are now, and since they’ve replaced pretty much everyone except Dixie over the years, that gives a clue as to where the real problem lays.”

Q. Who would you say is the best emerging star of the independent scene?

I haven’t followed any wrestling over the last year, but in my time with ROH I would say the best, smartest and most well-rounded talents out there not signed by WWE or TNA are Adam Cole and Mike Bennett, and the best tag team in wrestling is the Briscoes.”

Q. Why do you think Eric Bischoff refuses to respect wrestling fans?

“He’s not one, never been one, doesn’t understand why anyone would be one, and looks at the business only as to how it can help him – plus he’s a naturally arrogant prick.”

Thanks for reading, and hit ‘Follow’ for plenty more from the world of professional wrestling. I hope to be uploading a link to a recorded telephone or Skype interview with Mr. Cornette next time, but for now, I’ll see ya.

Craig [Editor]


5 thoughts on “My email conversation with Jim Cornette

  1. I remember meeting him at a Ring of Honor Final Battle ippv event in NYC a few years ago. Just meeting him was an honor because he does have a deep rooted passion that is outspoken every time the topic of professional wrestling pops up.

    Too bad he’s not in the WWE. Then again, his outspokenness would probably have him ousted once again. :)

  2. I love cornette. His passion for the business we love is up there will anyone. I also love he speaks his mind and doesnt hold back. He probably is one of the best minds in the industry and would love him booking for wwe

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