Triple H buys Big Show’s mortgage on this week’s Smackdown!


Triple H holding the deeds – Source: World Wrestling Entertainment

WWE Smackdown

So my old buddy from uni came to stay with me for the weekend, and I’m really stretched for time. I watched the show earlier this morning and I’m just gonna shoot from the hip and give a general overview of Smackdown.

For me it was a pretty standard episode. The highlight for me was the Rhodes/McMahon storyline vignette, so that kind of sums it up. To be fair though, I’ve seen a lot worse. There were some decent matches, but it just wasn’t stacked. One cool moment saw Rob Van Dam use the trash can to perform a Vanterminator, in preparation for his match with Del Rio tomorrow. That, and the Rhodes match are the only two I’m actually excited for really. If the show wasn’t free on Sky Sports, I don’t think I could pay to watch it live.

They did further some of the storylines a little bit. Paul Heyman cut a really awesome backstage interview with Renee, along with Ryback and Curtis Axel. That did a good job. There was no sign of Punk though, which was disappointing. Daniel Bryan only featured at the end when he saved Big Show from getting his head stamped between a chair by Randy Orton. The Usos were also there attacking The Shield, after the main event 4-on-1 handicap match.

It was confirmed that R-Truth will go up against Curtis Axel for the title tomorrow. That is just about the worst thing I’ve ever heard of. It devalues the title, it wastes a spot, it makes Battleground seem even more like a standard episode of Raw.

During a dry spell for the company as of late, this show was your average Smackdown. It wasn’t worse than I expected, but it wasn’t better either. There are only two matches I’m looking forward to at Battleground really (as I said before), and they are the Goldust/Cody and Van Dam ones. I think we all know this a throwaway pay-per-view and a roadblock on the way to Survivor Series, but if it’s free and it’s still wrestling so I’m sure I’ll enjoy it to some extent.

Another big highlight was the opening promo involving Big Show and Triple H. The crying giant told his story of woe one more time, but the King of Kings came out to tell him that he had bought his mortgage, and that if he didn’t do his bidding, he would be moving out and Triple H would be moving in. This was absolutely classic, but the show went downhill in terms of interest from that point on, for me.

I’m going to post on Monday another short summary, this time for Battleground. I hope you enjoy the show. I hope I enjoy the show! Until then, check out some of the other great articles we have been putting out lately. Thanks for your support.

Craig [Editor]


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