The Weekly Editorial: The new and improved Triple H

triplehbusinessThe Game always gets what he wants – Source: World Wrestling Entertainment

Triple H always was a great wrestler. Despite what Bret Hart and a lot of other bitter guys may think, he has had numerous unforgettable matches and played his part in some truly classic feuds. His contribution to in-ring work is undeniable, and he was a major focal point of the WWE during it’s most successful period. He is renowned for his technical prowess and his psychology. I’ve been loving Bob Holly’s book recently (check it out!) and I recently saw an interview with him in which he said that Hunter has a “really great mind for the business” – He tipped him to be a success upon taking the reigns from Vince, and he knows what he is talking about.

The man has been nicknamed The Game and The King of Kings, but it’s The Cerebral Assassin that sums him up the best. He lives, breathes and importantly thinks pro wrestling more than most. Some may say his marrying the right people was the key to his success, but however he got his opportunities, he certainly took them with both hands and became one of the most decorated superstars in history. I guess that makes him the real life version of Edge.

In his newest role on television, he plays the evil dastardly leader of the latest tyrannical regime to sweep through the WWE. His promos have been nothing short of exceptional in recent months. He brings so much comedy to such a dark character. In much the same vein as Mr. McMahon, he knows how to really get under your skin and stir things up, but he can also be so likeable. It’s that tweener confusion that makes him so captivating. He has got heat when needed, but he’s still regained some sort of following among the audience. I’d put this down to just sublime performances on a weekly basis.

His father-in-law Vince McMahon is the true heel, the best in the business. He was the icon of the original power The Corporation. In this role as the boss of the company, he took part in some career defining feuds and struggles with the biggest names in the business. He didn’t put himself there to milk the attention like Bischoff and Hogan. He did it because it was best for business, and by becoming the most hated man in wrestling, he made his own show unmissable. Vince was booked in the occasional big match, offering the crowd the hope of seeing him get his ass handed to him by their heroes. They used the same tactic recently with Paul Heyman, and he played it to perfection too.

I think that may be all that is missing for Triple H as an authority figure. He needs to put himself in harms way and give the fans the chance to see him get what’s coming to him. The only problem is that he isn’t an old man in a suit with no or limited wrestling experience. He is one of the toughest and most successful pro wrestlers in history. That may leave a logic gap, but if they build up the right opponent (e.g. Bryan or Punk) it could be satisfying for the fans to see the boss get taken down.

Stephanie has also done a great job supporting him on the adventure these two have embarked on, in replacing her father as the on-screen dictator(s). I would like to see Shane McMahon come back and get somehow involved in all of this in an on-screen capacity. He was always incredible on the mic, and always willing to give everything he had in the ring, for the sake of entertainment and success. He would be a welcome addition to proceedings.

For now, I just hope they continue to build the Bryan v Corporation storyline, but don’t let it get too tedious. As long as they don’t do the same kind of things every single week involving the same people, there is plenty of room for scope with this running into Wrestlemania. With a psychological genius, and a great on screen performer like Triple H leading the dark resistance, the future is bright for the WWE.

Thanks for reading. Leave a comment and let me know how much you hate Triple H.

Craig [Editor]


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