UFC: Team Rousey regains momentum on The Ultimate Fighter

jessicabadboyJessica Rakoczy preparing to throw down – Source: Bleacher Report

Here is a quick recap of what went down on this week’s episode of The Ultimate fighter.

The girls fought and Tate is still in control. She picked her Roxanne, the master of all things Japanese, against the one with issues, but the mother of the house, Jessica. They’re doing a great job of introducing the fighters. They are both coming across as genuine people. Roxanne came across as the old guard of WMMA but she is only 30. I picked Roxanne by sub.

The fight began after some jabbing for position. Roxanne got an easy take down. Jessica reversed so she was back on top. Roxanne stretched her with a string of arm bar attempts. After some nifty gymnastics, it was back to the feet. Then another easy take down for Roxanne and the round ended. In round two, the girls-swinging Roxanne was seriously rocked. Jessica defended takedown attempts while striking the whole time. The referee paused the action due to a cage grab.

The fighters restarted from position, with an immediate takedown for Roxanne. Jessica reversed with a big Rampage-esque slam. Roxanne was hurt and it was fight over. Jessica is a beast. Roxanne is emotional. Great fight though.

Team Rousey is back in control. Next fight up is the men: Davey from Liverpool from Rousey’s team v Louie. Next week we meet Rousey’s Mum! Exciting times. The biggest disappointment from today was that Rousey’s fruitcake coach didn’t go all out berserk like I hoped he would. Also, Brian Caraway is getting way to much air time.

Thanks for reading, and keep on following.

Arun Paul Smith


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