The Wrestling Review Corner – Pinfall [DOC]

pinfallAdam in the ring stirring up trouble – Source: YouTube

Welcome back to The Wrestling Review Corner. This week I watched another great documentary (not for the first time) and wrote a little review. Let me know what you think, and if you’re a true pro wrestling fan, be sure to check out Pinfall on YouTube here.

So, to give those who haven’t seen the film a bit of background, Adam Pacitti appears on screen as a young British guy who wants to break into the wrestling business. He doesn’t go to the Power Plant, he doesn’t meet Dusty Rhodes. He gets hooked up to do a rumble for an independent promotion, and joins a local wrestling gym to get in shape to compete. It’s a very low budget, simple but really enjoyable story. Some of you may remember the story in the news about a guy who spent his last £500 on a billboard with his face on it.

employadamAdam’s innovative take on getting the name out there – Source: Adam Pacitti

When my friend showed me this movie, I knew I recognised the guy. I confirmed that it was him and realised that we had actually spoke over email a couple of months before. I reached out to him again and congratulated him on Pinfall. He comes across as a down-to-earth, genuine guy and that shines through in this film. It’s the tale of a perfectly average guy who loves wrestling, and chases his dream. Now let’s get down to the nitty gritty.

The movie is unapologetically British: the mannerisms, the accents, the humour. That makes it a little easier for me to love, being a proud Brit. You don’t see a whole lot about the world of British wrestling these days, which makes these gems pretty hard to come by. It’s very intimate: you learn about his family, his childhood, his personal dreams. You really feel like you get an inside look into who Adam is. It’s not an easy skill to be able to create a piece that’s less than an hour long, and still offer depth. That helps you feel touched by an honest story.

One of the core parts of the film surrounds the time Adam spends at the gym trying to work himself into shape. When he isn’t downing a glass full of raw eggs and running around the block, he seems to be inside the ropes with veteran wrestler UK Dominator. This stuff was really cool. He learned all about respect, paying your dues and camaraderie. Dominator cut a pretty touching speech at the end of one of the sessions, and basically said that when someone joins the family (including Adam) they will always get help if they need it. The guy was such an honourable legend!

It was really cool getting to see behind the curtain and check out these guys executing the basics, running the ropes, etc. I’ve seen a lot of these things, but in this kind of setting it’s different. It reminded me so much of the place that I did my one and only three hour wrestling session at. The room looked cold, thrown together and real. This made me relate to the guy on the screen ever more. The sheer barbarism of starting out in the business the hard way is something you never forget, and I only did one session.

It was brutal! Anybody who says this business is fake needs to try that. I couldn’t walk for a week, just from doing all the insane warm-up exercises, running the ropes, taking bumps and taking hip tosses. I felt like I had something in common with the guy when I saw him in this fragile situation, fucking his leg up and taking insane chops – plus the guy has the exact same 5kg weights as me, and even does the weighted backpack running trick. As far as the gym stuff goes, think Louis Theroux, but this time actually trying to become a wrestler.

billboardI guess the first billboard paid off – Source: Adam Pacitti

The ending was really cool too. When he had gone through all that, he finally made it to the dance. He was involved in an over the top rope battle royal. He was eliminated first (I think) but he was in there for a while, and seemed to do a pretty good job. There were a few hundred people there, and for the British scene it actually seemed like a pretty good crowd. It kind of reminded me of the social club wrestling we get in my area, run by an organisation called K-Star. This whole part gave me a warm fuzzy feeling.

He even got to cut an epic heel promo earlier in the night, in a suit, in which he proclaimed to be “the future of British wrestling” – He did a real good job of this for someone with zero experience, and it was very entertaining! He seemed to have a lot of fun with it too!

On the whole I’d say the movie is inspiring, emotional and sincerely British. If you like wrestling, it’s really worth watching! It will surprise you, and it may inspire you.

Check it out.



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