UFC: Jon Jones wins epic encounter with Alex Gustafsson at UFC 165!


Jones and Gustafsson put on a clinic – Source: The Telegraph

So it’s a big fight night tonight and I have a choice to make. Do I spend the night at my girlfriend’s place or stay up and watch UFC? Life can be tough at times.


I’m assuming that the main card has five fights. I’m going to pick who I think will win and break down the main card at the end. The undercard looks pretty good. I might have a little gum flap about that too. First up was Nurmagamadov v Healy. Healy is a veteran who is tough as hell. Nurma is still quite green to the game. He rocks a blonde afro and eats suplexes for breakfast. I’m torn on this fight. I think I really, really, really want to pick Nurma but I think Healy is too much too soon. I expect a ground war. I predict that Healy gets the win by decision.

Phillipou v Carmont up next. Phillipou is a boxer, who is adding to his mma game all the time. I thought UFC were building the guy up for a title shot, But Carmont is the worst kind of match-up for a guy like Phillipou. Carmont wants to take the fight to the ground and hump for a decision. I really want to be wrong but I think that is how it will end. Phillipou needs to put a starching on Carmont as soon as they meet in the middle. Carmont will get the win by soul destroying decision.

Schaub v Mittrione saw us step into heavyweight time. A match featuring two big guys who are both very athletic. These guys are friends and when friends fight it can be horrible. No action, no thrills, just dancing. Mittrione can get the KO. Schaub has been put to sleep, and when that happens it’s highlight reel hilariousness. I’m not hoping for much but I feel Mittrione takes it.

Barao v Wineland competed for the interim title. I might be wrong but I think Barao has defended this title more than Cruz has defended the real title. I love both these guys because they both bring it like killers. I think Eddie chokes when it comes to bigger fights. Therefore, I want Wineland to get the upset. I really should pick him because I was there when Barao nearly killed brad Pickett. But seriously, this is Barao time. He is a monster and really he should be the Champ. Barao by whatever and whenever he wants.

It’s time for the main event of the Evening: Jones v Gustuffson. I’m just going to say this fight is Jones. All about Jones. I’m not a Jones nut-hugger but the fact is he has the insane ability to make other fighters look terrible. Let’s talk about the fact that Gustuffson’s only loss was to Phil Davies. I know it was years ago and I know he now trains with Phil, but Jones is a wrestling freak. Their common opponent is Shogun and Matt Hamil. In their respective Shogun fights, Gustuffson won by decision. Jones finished him with ease. I’m not sure how the Gustuffson and Hamil fight went down. Jones toyed with Hamil and lost the fight by D, but Hamil had no answer to Jones. The only person that even came close was Vitor Belfort but that was shoulda woulda coulda. Jones still won that fight.

How do you beat Jones? The answer is simple. You have to be better than Jones. Is Gustuffson that guy? Hell no. To beat a guy like Jones, his weakness must be his legs. I’m not sure Gustuffson has the kicking game to chop down Jones. Take away Jones’ legs and he loses his explosion – the one thing that makes him unique. Who else can look like their driving for a take down then hit you with a spinning elbow? Jones can be beat but not tonight. Back to Ragnarok with you Gustuffson.

Results and thoughts:

Wow wow wow. I didn’t get to watch all the fights as I was done before the pre-lims. So man! I went 3 and 2 on the main card. Nurma is a beast and completely outclassed Healy out of the top ten. Schaub actually turned up to fight and won by a sweet arm triangle. Meathead might just have to be nice to Bellator now.

Everything else played out as I expected, apart from the main event. Bones got blasted by Gustuffson, and had me in a panic a couple of times. It was a great fight and it had it’s moments, but maybe I completely over-looked Gustuffson and found myself frustrated by Jones. Obviously he still won but I think my frustration kept me from truly enjoying the fight. Ill watch it again no doubt.

Obviously Teixiera is the next in line, but he shouldn’t be. There needs to be a rematch immediately. This hasn’t happened since Couture v Rizzo, but there is a clear and compelling argument for it to happen now. They will fight again for sure so why not now? Obviously what happens next depends on Jones. He clearly came away from last night injured. The subsequent length of the lay-off is anybody’s guess. It wouldn’t surprise me to see Gustuffson v Teixiera before Jones comes back.

Let’s be fair here. There really is no more credible contenders at 205. I’m sure that Zuffa doesn’t want to lose Jones as their champion, epecially with the sponsors he pulls in. Bate Jones to heavyweight with an immediate title shot. In the meantime have a mini tournament play out involving the top six. That’s how I would go. If Jones were to become Champ, vacate the 205 title and crown a new one. When and if Bones loses, he could fight the current 205 champ at that time and commit bloody murder on the division once again. To have Bones beat Teixiera and Davies because he hasn’t yet would be wasting a star in his prime. The UFC needs Bones more than he needs the UFC at this point, and they need to capitalise now. A loss to Jones at 205 now is far more damaging than a loss at heavyweight. The risk now at 205 will always be greater than the reward. Right now Jones is UFC gold but last night we found out he is made of skin, blood and bones, just like the rest of us.

Thanks for reading,

Arun Paul Smith


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