The Weekly Editorial: What’s up with Attitude Era fanboys?

attitudeThe most successful period in wrestling history – Source: Bleacher Report

I’ve decided to shoot from the hip with this week’s editorial, so I won’t be referring to any planning or notes of any kind. I’m giving myself a 600 word limit, in the hope that this will be concise, and not too ramble driven.

Now this isn’t a big tirade on how much I despise people who love the Attitude Era. I grew up on it myself. There are many, many things that I loved about that period. I also have a number of close friends who feel the same way. My only problem is with those people you encounter who refuse to accept anything new. Granted, they are often casual fans. Often times they are TNA fans. Most of the time they can’t provide a legitimate answer as to why they hate the current WWE product, but can only harp on about days gone by.

Now one issue is clearly the PG rating, and the lack of blood. I enjoyed the hardcore division. I loved the brutality of the Attitude Era. It also wasn’t even close to the top of the list, in terms of why I watched wrestling. Guys like Eddie, Jericho and Benoit proved in ECW that high quality competition can be much more enthralling (and overall more easy to respect) than barbaric matches that don’t make sense. Again, that’s not a pop at ECW. I absolutely loved the product. It created some of the best talent we had at the time, and a lot of those guys are around the business now still making a really positive impact.

I just feel that sometimes people don’t want to accept anything else. Another issue I always seem to find is that certain people won’t watch WWE because “There’s no Rock, there’s no Stone Cold, there’s no Undertaker, wah wah wah” – Do you see Argentina fans saying “I don’t fancy following the national team anymore. I liked it when that Maradona was around!” – It’s ludicrous! If I wiped your memory clean, and showed you a six minute Steve Austin match from Sunday Night Heat in 1998, you wouldn’t be saying “I will only watch wrestling if this guy is in it” – Move on!

Wrestling is all about cycles. Characters, styles, feuds, storylines – they are cyclical. The new and improved Corporation storyline is proof. Just because those guys you loved when you were a kid have some respect and go and do other things (unlike Hogan and Flair) doesn’t mean wrestling is ruined. It means that by stepping aside, those legends are allowing a new breed of future icons to replace them. A few years ago, I would have understood that there may be some concern over those replacements, but now?! With Bryan, Punk, The Shield, Dolph Ziggler, John Cena, Randy Orton – the product is doing just fine. The matches these guys are having will be seen in the same light as those that Michaels, Triple H, Taker, Austin etc had back in the day, if you give it a few years and let that nostalgia kick in.

If you want the nostalgia now, and don’t want to see the present, there are other companies who are happy to let old thieves of the past headline over their young and more talented superstars. If all you care about is blood, there are promotions who will provide nonsensical, pointless barbarism, with no class. If you want Austin and The Rock, go to the cinema. If you want the best overall product (despite it’s shortcomings, which of course it does have), stop being ignorant and give today’s WWE superstars a chance to impress you.

Thanks for reading. Leave a comment and let me know if you disagree with me. If you agree, that’s great too. Hit ‘Follow’ for daily wrestling articles!

Craig [Editor]


8 thoughts on “The Weekly Editorial: What’s up with Attitude Era fanboys?

  1. this is the only way i knew to respond to your comment on the GTA 5 post. Your argument that God doesn’t exist is pretty good, i’ll give you that. But my blog post wasn’t birthed out of a belief in nothingness, and no-god-town. It came out of a 28 year relational adventure with a God that created me and then lead me through a hilarious life. and if thats where my argument starts, then my argument is very valid. even if video games were no different to films, they both still effect young minds in detrimental ways. my argument is against children playing them, not grown men. does that make sense???

    • If you have kids, you have the right to protect them from whatever you see fit. I understand that. I would argue that I started playing my first GTA game when I was 11, and I’m a 23 year old graduate with no previous murder or theft charges. Sometimes people don’t give children enough credit. I think when you hit your teens, you’re able to tell what’s fun on a game, and what can’t be done in real life, but that’s just me.

      • and this is when we venture into regions that we will most probably not agree on, but, I believe we have been designed with “hearts” that are supposed to be unbroken, unoffended. and when they are, certain things are impeded between people to be able to relate intimately. and if we are designed, as i believe we are, to be united with each other in a worldwide battle with evil, any brokenness in our “hearts” usually turns into offense, defense, selfishness etc etc. and it resides deep in our recesses and only comes out when our broken spots are hit or touched.
        and i believe these games, when played by children by themselves create and easy inlet for these “brokenesses” i dont know if i sound like a lunatic, and im trying not to use “christian” words. but theres a reason these games have ratings. did thay kinda make sense?

        • It does. Obviously for some people below the age rating, these games could have an impact, so I wouldn’t encourage anyone below that age to play. Nonetheless, it is possible for some to do so, separate fact from fiction, and go about their lives in relative normality.

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