Neutral Dave on Classic Wrestling: Eve Torres v Brie Bella


Eve displays her athleticism with a fine moonsault – Source: WWE

After Neutral Dave’s first piece received such warm praise, I decided to send him over another video. I got many match suggestions from people and went for Eve Torres v Brie Bella. The match was about four minutes long, and was taken from an episode of Monday Night Raw. I know it’s not a classic match, but I was just fascinated to see how he interpreted it, as a neutral. If you like these features, hit ‘Follow’ and get more. Also, leave comments and keep the match suggestions coming in! Craig [editor]

Neutral Dave on Classic Wrestling
Eve v Brie Bella

This match had less context around it so I only judged on the proceedings themselves; just to see if my reading was different from people who have seen the whole story.

As this is a more recent match it seems that the directing has tightened up. With the more classic era wrestling you can sometimes see the joins where the punches are pulled in order to not completely immobilise each other. Here it is seamless and it does look like both Eve and Brie Bella have taken the full force of the violence that has been dished out.

It is also really nice to see how agile the combatants are. There is almost a ballet-like quality to the way they move (especially Eve) which shows how far away wrestling is from the popular conception of two brick shithouses lumbering at each other.

While there was not much context to use, I gravitated towards Eve. This was partly because of her aforementioned wrestling style which was a joy to watch. I also felt really sorry as she had only lost because of a pretty shoddy trick by the Bella twins. She was winning and they didn’t even get called out on their shenanigans by the ref. This might be because in the context of the writing as Eve was the reigning champion she needed a fall.

The twins themselves came off as villains of the piece. They seemed pretty ungracious in victory, giving the ‘loser’ sign to Eve when she was down and their propensity to cheat by pretending to be each other as the commentators noted. In terms of acting they did play these qualities well judging from my reaction.

While it was short, it was a shocking match due to the surprise ending. I would have preferred it to have gone on longer and watch more of this style of wrestling. However it has peaked my interest in more and I am going to be watching more Eve Torres matches.

David Smith


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