TNA: Main Event Mafia headline Impact Wrestling

memThe Main Event Mafia ahead of their main event match – Source: Impact Wrestling


Cameras start rolling on Magnus talking about how disappointed he was about losing to AJ Styles in the final of the BFG Series. He says he doesn’t know why E.G.O got involved just as Bobby Roode walks past. Bobby tells him not to blame anyone but himself and the two start brawling, Daniels and Kazarian join in and beat Magnus down.

Standard recap video of AJ winning the series and Bully Ray destroying Mr. Anderson.

Magnus walks to the ring, not selling what just happened to him, and calls one of his attackers out to the ring. Sounded a bit lacklustre on the mic this week. Kaz walks to the ring and the two fight, until they’re joined by Daniels. After Magnus fights back, Roode heads to the ring and they quickly get the upper hand. After a couple of minutes of watching their mate get battered, Sting and Samoa Joe run to the ring and clear house, setting up a 6-man tag match for later tonight.

We’re shown graphics for tonight’s card, one of which is AJ Styles confronting Dixie Carter, but when I looked up from my laptop, for a second I thought they were having a match.

Backstage Segment – Chris Sabin and Velvet Sky are talking to Manik, but Sabin is just talking about his own achievements, they then decide to watch the next match from ringside. Very heel sounding stuff from Sabin, they’ve hinted at it but I don’t really see why.


Even though I’ve never been the biggest Hardy fan, I feel like he can work with most people competently. Even though Manik is the X-Division Champion, he’s definitely the underdog in this match, which shows as he gets dominated. After Manik hits one move and tries a roll up, Hardy gets to his feet and delivers a Twist of Fate and a Swanton out of nowhere for the win. Makes Manik and the X-Division look terrible. Sabin gets in the ring and holds up Manik’s hand, and then cheap shots him from behind. Hardy runs back to make the save, and Sabin makes some really weird noises whilst Velvet looks slightly shocked.

Sabin tells the cameraman backstage that no one gives him the respect he deserves and he will basically do whatever he wants.


The crowd are completely behind ODB as the match begins, the action is more on the rough side than usual, obviously both women can take their bumps. Some really nice spots in this match, ODB getting tripped on the apron, later reversing a hurricanrana into a running Powerbomb, hard hitting stuff. Mickie attempts a Tornado DDT, but gets reversed into a sloppy TKO and gets the win and the title! She definitely deserves it, super popular with the fans.

Eric Young and Joseph Park come to the ring to celebrate with her, with Park drinking a huge bottle of chocolate milk. The Bro-Mans (Robbie E and Jesse Godderz) come out and start insulting the three of them, until Park says he would fight them if he wasn’t wearing a suit. EY accepts the challenge and the match begins.


Robbie misses a splash in the corner and gets rolled up for the 3! He gets on the mic and goes insane, saying he wasn’t ready, and calls Park a ‘fat bastard’ which fires him up to accept the fight.


Robbie misses a splash in the corner and gets rolled up for the 3! Yes I copied and pasted that.

parkJoseph Park cleaning house – Source: Impact Wrestling

Robbie and Jesse throw Park out the ring and viciously beat EY, then throw Park in the corner post outside the ring. As they get back in the ring to carry on their assault, Park sees his own blood and reverts to his Abyss character, nails either man with a chokeslam to a Blackhole Slam as the crowd eat it up. I do like the Joseph Park character, but I never thought it would go this far.

Backstage Segment – Hulk Hogan asks Dixie what’s going on, or if she needs his help with AJ. She says no and Hulk looks all sad.

Aces & 8’s come to the ring, with Brooke Tessmacher wearing chaps, her arse gets more focus than half the roster. Aces is down to; Bully, Knux, Wes Brisco and Garett Bischoff, making it just about the least threatening stable in wrestling history.

Bully grabs a mic and says the only reason he’s still World Champ is down to…Brooke T. The three remaining members all look at each other confused, as they got involved in the match last week too. What Wes lacks in wrestling skills, he makes up for in facials, as he looks absolutely FURIOUS. Each member fires back at Bully, ending with Knux getting in his face saying ‘bros before hoes’. The crowd start chanting ‘HOE HOE HOE’ louder than any other reaction I’ve heard tonight. Bully tries to intimidate him but instead grabs Brooke and leaves. If that wasn’t the end of Aces, I don’t know what it’ll take.


Chavo gets the mic and says he isn’t cleared to fight, but Gunner isn’t having it. He says he wants to fight, and they make it a one on one with Hernandez. Already ruined my title mate. James Storm says he’s gonna sit and drink some beers…fucking retire please. Recently Gunner has been insulting something called $5 Wrestling on twitter, (a comedy show by Colt Cabana and comedian Marty DeRosa), so I really don’t like him. Basic power match that Gunner wins with an average looking backbreaker.


First thing that comes to mind is how dark MEM’s music is, kind of moody and dirgey, kills the vibe really. Also I wish Sting wouldn’t wear a T-shirt, he doesn’t even look to be in bad shape! At least cut the sleeves off or something. Good heel psychology by EGO, firing the crowd up, especially when they’re beating up Sting. The match breaks down to all six men fighting, everyone timing the next sequence perfectly, avoiding a punch to run through a dive etc. The ending comes where Sting has Daniels in the Scorpion Deathlock, whilst Roode hits Magnus with the black baseball bat and gets the win. The crowd don’t exactly go mad or even boo, I think they were so sure MEM would win and they were just shocked.

ajstylesAJ ready to drop another pipebomb – Source: Impact Wrestling

AJ Styles comes to the ring and immediately starts destroying Dixie and her family. He mentions names such as Jerry Lynn, Low Ki, Petey Williams and Alex Shelley being under-appreciated/underused whilst they were around. He says he doesn’t have a contract right now, and he doesn’t know what he should do. Dixie comes out and apologises to AJ, but then swerves and says she’s apologising because she let AJ believe that he was actually anything special. I don’t think Dixie has ever actually had a character, it’s quite shocking to see. She makes a good point saying that she pays his wages, and should that he be more grateful. AJ tries to fire back with some accusations but she grabs the cameraman’s headset and demands AJ’s mic to be cut off, and that the show is over. The lights go off and that’s it!

Notes: Tonight’s show was decent, a solid card. Reading back on this quite a lot of stuff happened in two hours, a lot of storyline progression.

As always you can contact me with any thoughts, or even if you just want to chat about wrestling at @jrholberry on twitter. Thanks!

Joseph Holberry


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