UFC: An overview of this week’s episode of The Ultimate Fighter

tufep3Action from this week’s fight – Source: Getty Images

I just finished watching this week’s episode of The Ultimate Fighter, and here are my thoughts on it.

We found out that Rousey has a bat shit crazy coach. Rousey attempted flirting with Tate’s man. Awkward. Pena sunbathed and looked incredibly hot. Okay, let’s talk about the fight. The fight was to be the classic rivalry of the striker from team Rousey and the grappler team Tate. The first thing I noticed was the size disparity. Rousey’s guy was tiny. However I was convinced that he was going to have a go-for-broke style. It was revealed that he hurt his hand and it became clear early in the fight that the hand was a bigger issue than first thought.

He was hesitating to throw. He also suffers from T-Rex arm syndrome and the team Tate stud was able to keep control of distance and was even getting the best of the striking game, so much so that he was able to knock down the team Rousey half pint and finish on the ground with a guillotine choke.

Next week its appears that Rousey’s coach may really lose the plot and the females get to scrap. We got the nerd from team Tate getting to play human pretzel with a woman that may have more issues than everyone that’s ever been in TUF put together. I think Team Tate will retain control. I’m very excited and I think the episode as a whole will be entertaining.

Finally, a quick news flash. Carlos Condit v Matt Brown. They get to batter seven shades of shit out of each other on the penultimate show of the year. There will be blood…..

Arun Paul Smith


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