The Wrestling Review Corner: Scott Hall (The Wrestler)

hallScott Hall in 2011 – Sports Grid

Welcome to The Wrestling Review Corner here on The Real Mid Card. This week I’ll be taking a look at the special short film that ESPN made in 2011 on the legendary Scott Hall.

This was a story with a striking resemblance to the much loved Hollywood interpretation of pro wrestling The Wrestler. Shot in the traditional documentary format, with an excellent cast of interviewees, this was a really emotional and well produced piece. It gave me a real insight into where the man has ended up, and the probable reasons how he got there. There were criminality revelations (including the time that he actually shot a guy dead in a parking lot before he got into the business), really emotive moments with his ex wife and his children, and shocking footage of him showing up wasted at an indie show in no condition to perform. Unbelievably, my boy Justin Credible was on the same show and said it was the most embarrassing thing he has done in the business.

SIdenote: If you haven’t already, check out Pro Wrestling 101 with Justin Credible on YouTube here. It’s a really great set of videos talking about all aspects of the working side of the business. Really interesting stuff!

Stephanie McMahon spoke candidly about the WWE having spent a boat load of money continuously sending Hall to rehab, long after his time as an employee of the company. She actually said the expenditure went into double figures. His demons with drugs and alcohol were well covered here, and as recently as two years ago, they were being documented by this film. If you aren’t aware, Scott seems to be doing much, much better. He is living with fellow wrestling legend DDP, has been mostly clean for a good while, and is another striking success story of the DDP Yoga movement. Check out how all that started here. It’s a really touching story, and one that needs a new movie.

But as far as this one goes, it did a great job of showing the reality and severity of his situation at the time, without trying to make him a pity case or a “bad guy” – He is the only one who knows when he is the bad guy. It’s a very sad story, but one that any real pro wrestling fan should see. My only complaint would be that it’s rather short, but I know that it’s not supposed to be like a CM Punk: Best in the World full career summary type of thing, it’s more like a breaking news report for the business. It’s a powerful, emotional film that really makes you think. Take a look at it on YouTube, it’s only 20 minutes long.

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