Birmingham 2022: The Commentators


The Commentators – Source: Capsule

Here is another piece I wrote for the Discovery brochure, as part of the Birmingham 2022 project, to celebrate the opening of The New Library. Check it out, and check out the artists. You can also get the brochure at most information and cultural points in the city. All of these pieces, and many more are in there. Thanks for your interest.

Stan’s Cafe
The Commentators

The Commentators, brought to you by theatrical provocateurs and internationally renowned performance company Stan’s Cafe, will be in residence to carefully document everything they see, from the vital, to the peculiar, or the mundane. Which books are being borrowed? What is the weather like on the rooftop terrace? Look at the queues for the large print romances! If you drop in and check out some of the installations, you could even bump into them, but be careful what you do as you could provide them with some amusing material for their live show!

After previously commentating on a mammoth twenty-four hour Scalextric in 2009, Artistic Director James Yarker and Associate Director Craig Stephens went on to harness their unquenchable enthusiasm and keen observational skills to create marathon commentaries on everyday life. Now, you could be a part of one of their renowned shows. These two sheepskin fanatics will be happy to bring some audible colour to all that you see.

They will also be at the New Library of Birmingham VIP opening to webcast descriptions of the glitzy event, and will stay through the first three days of public access. To hear more and get an idea of what to expect, simply check out their work here.



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