WWE Night of Champions 2013: Could Daniel Bryan do the unthinkable?

BEARDThe year of the beard – Source: World Wrestling Entertainment

I watched Night of Champions last night. I didn’t take any notes, so I’ll be clutching at straws and using my goldfish memory to sum up what was good and what was bad about last night’s pay-per-view. I’m not going to go through every match. I’ll give a general overview and then focus on the three most noteworthy moments of the night.


On the whole, the show was fairly good, not great. I am never best pleased with having to pay £15 for a B (maybe even C) show on the calendar, but what can ya do? The matches were decent. None of them were bad, but none of them were really outstanding in my view. Only one title changed hands. That always annoys me, and especially at Night of Champions. It did seem a bit like a glorified episode of Raw, especially with a Triple H promo opening the show. I’ll give them one thing though. They caught me out on numerous occasions, so at least it wasn’t predictable. However, for some of these moments (probably all of them), I would have taken the much better, more logical but predictable route any day. Let’s take a look at the three “swerves” that made this night eventful.

Sandow didn’t cash in, and Ricardo didn’t turn

So Alberto Del Rio and Rob Van Dam had a decent match. The Mexican lost by DQ (and kept the title – so cheap a move at a PPV I paid £15 for) after refusing to break the hold with the cross armbreaker, despite the home state hero being in the ropes. Sandow didn’t show up. That was that. I’m glad they didn’t do the predictable move of making Ricardo screw Van Dam and rejoin his former friend, because that would have completely lacked logic. I do feel though, that my initial idea of putting the strap on Rob, and having Sandow immediately cash in on him, as he laid destroyed by his own five star frog splash victory, would have been better, but sadly (for myself) I am not the Booker.

Ryback is a Paul Heyman guy?

Yes you read that correct. After getting past the initial challenge of Curtis Axel, Punk got his chance to unleash hell on his former mentor. He certainly did that with a brutal kendo stick beatdown, even bringing handcuffs into play. Unfortunately for him, he wasn’t checking his six and got driven straight through a table in the corner by… Ryback. I have to say, I kind of like this, kind of. We will have to see what happens with it, but of the three, I’d say this was the best surprise.

punkrybackThe lurking Ryback – Source: World Wrestling Entertainment

Daniel Bryan beat Randy Orton

The most shocking moment of the night for me saw Daniel Bryan beat Randy Orton clean by pin fall, in a match with no interference and no shenanigans. On the face of it, I like the sentiment of saving the funny business for the less significant matches I mentioned earlier, and settling the main event for the big title in a clean fashion, but it just makes no sense to the storyline. Not to mention, it was boring. The match was okay, but it was nothing I haven’t really seen from these two in the past on Raw. I actually think that maybe Randy got his third strike or something, because I can’t believe they took the strap off him after three weeks. Triple H declaring no interference and allowing Orton to just lose was nonsensical. Also, I can’t tell if the blatant fast count by the ref was intentional or a botch.

Final Thoughts

One awesome moment I’d also like to mention is when Natalya pulled off a double sharpshooter on two of the divas at once – something I have never seen and could hardly believe. Really, really cool! As for everything else I mentioned, my distaste may just be a matter of preference, leave a comment and let me know if I’m totally insane. One thing that all of those moments have done though, is make sure that  I can’t wait for Raw so things can make sense again. So from a WWE standpoint, it’s mission accomplished I guess. Like I said before, it wasn’t a terrible show, but it was average – definitely the worst offering since Wrestlemania, but when you look at what they have been putting out, that’s no insult.

Thanks for reading, and let me know your thoughts on the show.



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