The Wrestling Editorial: An ageing Dolph Ziggler


Dolph Ziggler before losing his title at Payback – Source: World Wrestling Entertainment

What’s up. From now on, I’m going to be doing a weekly editorial column where I just rant about something for a few paragraphs. Doing reviews all the time, I rarely get to speak my mind and really focus on a specific topic, so this should give me a chance to do that. Leave a comment and let me know what you think.

Okay, so Dolph Ziggler is a guy who for me (I know many, many people agree) has been under-pushed for pretty much his entire WWE career. I was shocked to find out on his Wikipedia page the other day that he is 33 years old. We describe these guys as kids, and the future, and all of that stuff, but he’s been around almost as long as Cena and Orton, and is close to them in terms of age. When it comes to glory however, he is nowhere near them.

I get that. He is in the same bracket as Shawn Michaels and Daniel Bryan. He’s not going to win the world title in double figures, or carry the company on his shoulders. He should though, be recognized  for his outstanding talent and properly utilized. This guy is not a developmental kid. I know wrestlers can go a long time, but he has about five or so years left at his peak, and then he will start to suffer the same problem that guys like RVD go through. His move set will be out of his reach, and his selling (his real trademark) will be limited.

The guy isn’t just flashy moves though. He’s not John Morrison. He has a mind for the ring, and he can adapt and work a match splendidly well. That will help him as he ages. It’s that kind of true ability that allowed Michaels to steal the show with Taker at Mania, even while middle aged. But at this point, will he be in one time a year marquee matches at the biggest show, or will he be jobbing on Smackdown to the flavor of the month? Judging by the way he has been used thus far, I’d have to guess the latter.

Now he may be marginally involved in this whole New Corporation angle, and hopefully that will pay off in the way of some big matches and relevant material. But still, they refuse to put a major title on him for more than a couple of months. I just don’t get it. I mean Del Rio would struggle to make my top ten if we are talking candidates to put the World Title on, and the fact that he is in such a crucial position, and a guy like Ziggler isn’t really stinks.

The guy has been crapped on from a great height since day one when it comes to the booking of his character. Some of you may not recall him as a member of the Spirit Squad. It was clear then that he was the standout performer in that group, as pathetic a group as it was. They still went with Kenny Dykstra as the main man after that. He and the rest of them quickly faded away. Since then, Dolph has been bounced around the mid card like the reliable hand he is, often enhancing talent who really don’t deserve the spots they are given.

Yes, he may have picked up a fair few titles along the line (I think he is at least a Triple Crown winner) but he hasn’t been given that big moment that he deserves. When he cashed in on the Raw after Wrestlemania and the place erupted, I thought his era had finally been ushered in, but I was wrong. An unfortunate injury seems to have been the reason why he was deprived of a long term opportunity as champion. People continue to say that “the cream always rises to the top” and “it’s only a matter of time” but that’s just it. Is there enough time? For me, the answer is no.

He has the look, the talent, the athleticism, the promo, everything. Push this guy soon before it’s too late. Put one of the two big straps on him, and give him six months to establish himself. Put him in big pay-per-view matches with talented performers like Ambrose, Rollins, Bryan, and Punk and let him rebuild the tarnished World Heavyweight Championship back into the dynasty that it once was. Maybe I’m a huge Ziggler mark, but I like to think a lot of what I’m saying makes sense. Maybe it doesn’t. Who knows? I’m rambling now anyway. Thanks for reading, and I’ll be back next week with another pro wrestling editorial!



2 thoughts on “The Wrestling Editorial: An ageing Dolph Ziggler

  1. Great write-up! I can’t stand how he’s being treated by Creative. It seems like the entire feud with Big E and AJ was a waste of time, and this past Monday night? Sigh… Random note: his original pink “It’s not showing off” (front) “If you back it up” (back) shirt is one of the best shirts WWE Shop has ever released, I think.

    Maybe after ADR/RVD is out of the way and Sandow cashes in, we’ll see Ziggler feud with him. It disgusts me that Del Rio continues to hold the belt and get forcefully pushed, yet he can’t get over and won’t be over anytime soon! What does the WWE see in Del Rio these days? I liked him back in 2010 and early 2011, when he was doing the whole smile/wink think, but I’ve been bored to death of the guy since. A talented in-ring performer that’s less than thrilling on the mic.

    • I know. I just don’t get Del Rio. Is it just me or is he completely dead? Indications are that he can’t get over to save his life and “never drew a dime, buddy” So why they continue to force him upon is I don’t know.

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