TNA: Bully Ray and Sting headline Impact Wrestling!

bullystingBully taunting Sting with the title – Source: TNA


This weeks recap video shows the trouble in the Aces & 8’s, AJ Styles pipebomb and Hulk Hogan announcing the 12 man gauntlet match for 20 Bound For Glory points

They then go to a really nice promo video showing each of the twelve men summing up what they want to happen over highlights of the series so far, nice.

Aces & 8’s head to the ring, lead by Bully Ray, Brooke Tessmacher and third wheel Tito Ortiz. Bully basically wants to bury the hatchet with his mates, and hugs each man in succession. The crowd chants ‘TITO SUCKS’ and Bully Ray improvises saying he doesn’t suck, and everyone is just jealous. Tito looks out of his element here, didn’t know how to react. He puts over tonights card, and says they’re all going to watch Knux destroy Chris Sabin, coming up next.


Quite a fall from grace for Sabin, considering he was World Champion a couple of weeks ago. Maybe if they’d ever let Knux look strong, it’d be a classic big vs small man contest. Sabin attacks Knux knee, which I always find strange from faces. This is definitely the longest match I’ve seen Knux in, the crowd definitely don’t care. Before I could type about Sabin making a comeback, Bully had thrown a hammer in the ring, that Sabin grabbed and hit Knux with right in front of the referee…surely that’s the opposite of what should happen? Knux beats a former World Champion. Do they make a bi deal of that? Of course they don’t

Backstage Segment – Sabin is fuming backstage, with his real life girlfriend Velvet Sky trying to calm him down. Looks like they’re gonna do a storyline with the two of them, and Sabin’s anger issues.

Mickie James comes to the ring and starts with a Spinal Tap ‘HELLO CLEVELAND’ which I must admit, is pretty cool. Especially when her character is seemingly a rockstar, playing on her actual music career. ODB interupts her and says she wants the title, they brawl and Mickie gets her shirt pulled off, revealing a gold crop top thing, but she reacts like shes been stripped naked.

Backstage Segment – Knux is eating a sandwich and it’s all over his face. Great segment.

Backstage Segment – Jay Bradley tells Jeremy Borash that he’s been offered money by a certain faction to influence the result of tonight’s gauntlet, and is willing to be partners with Hernandez, who he’s starting the match with.


Jay Bradley gets on the mic and tells ‘Mexican Sheamus’ Hernandez that all they have to do is throw someone out at a certain time, and he will ‘make his wallet grow’. Even though both men aren’t eligible to win the series, Hernandez refuses and attacks him. Order of entrants; Joseph Park, Anderson, Samoa Joe, AJ Styles, Kazarian, Christopher Daniels, Jeff Hardy, Bobby Roode, Austin Aries and Magnus. Risky spot with Joe hitting a enziguri to Anderson who was sat on the top, falling to the outside and hitting his head on the guardrail, with Anderson’s history I wouldn’t be surprised if he was concussed. Daniels took his time getting to the ring, making everyone who ran look like idiots. The Lineup of this match really shows the amount of talent TNA have and badly misuse.

ariesdanielsIncredible athleticism from AJ Styles – Source: TNA

Final four is AJ, Aries, Roode and Daniels, with the latter two working together. Great spot with AJ using a kneeling Roode as a platform to hit Aries (who was stood on the apron) and then avoiding a hit by Roode and eliminating him too. Final two; AJ and Daniels. These two have fought a million times, and I could never get sick of it. AJ eventually clotheslines Daniels out for the win, huge ovation from the crowd.

Backstage Segment – Bully tells Anderson he’s disappointed in him, fully shouting in his face. That must’ve been deafening.

Backstage Segment – AJ says he’s going to win the BFG series.


Not sure where Storm and Gunner have been, but I can’t say I’ve missed them. Wes and Garret do surprisingly well considering they haven’t regularly wrestled EVER. Eventually Wes distracts the ref by grabbing a Tag Title belt, giving Garrett enough time to grab a chain and take out Gunner and get the pin. I honestly hope they win the titles and keep them by cheating for months (see: Edge and Christian).

gunnerbriscoGunner desperately trying to make the tag

Borash is in the ring with Roode, Aries and Magnus, and invites AJ to the ring. AJ chooses Aries as his opponent for the BFG Semi-final next week, which means the other two men will face off too. Aries says good luck to AJ, and they shake hands. Roode tries to intimidate Magnus, who fired back with his best promo work to date, I was impressed.


Hulk Hogan comes out and bans Tito from ringside (he tries to act mad, bless him) and then changes the match to a no DQ match. Why the rest of Aces don’t run straight out and stomp Sting to death I’ll never know. Taz hands Bully a stanley knife, and he removes the ring padding, revealing the wood underneath, which is what he did at Slammiversairy. After Sting gets Bully in a Scorpion Deathlock, Aces run out, and then MEM make it even. Drives me mad that Sting wrestles in a T-shirt, he looks to be in fine shape. Sting gets the Deathlock again, Anderson hints at handing Bully the hammer but doesn’t, and Bully is forced to tap. Sting looks shocked that he won and promptly leaves. Anderson gets on the mic and reveals that he will be fighting Bully next week for the title, and your next champion is called ‘MRRRRR AAAANDERSONNNNN…ANDERSON’ which the crowd joined in on really, really loudly. Nice swerve there, must be the 10th time Anderson has turned face.

As always you can contact me with any thoughts, or even if you just want to chat about wrestling at @jrholberry on twitter.


Joseph Holberry


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