Chameleon Recordings: Brum Town Bad Boyz


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This is the pre-release review for Big Dog Yogo’s upcoming single ‘Brum Town Bad Boyz’ released on Chameleon Recordings – If you like what you read here, get it on iTunes, AmazonMP3, Spotify, etc on 20th September 2013.

Brum Town Bad Boyz

Fresh out of the thriving Rap scene emerging in the second city, Big Dog Yogo is ready to unleash his latest track on you. Taking clear influences from hip hop, grime and trap, and with an unmistakably UK feel, Brum Town Bad Boyz is set to be the new soundtrack to the city. While extensively sharp and polished, it retains a raw and violent atmosphere. But when it comes right down to it, this tune is about Brum pride.

Big Dog’s not alone on this one. Fellow Smethwick native Bomma B adds more of a grime orientated twist to this progressive UK trap sound with his distinctive flow. Yogo’s trademark catchy style and pitch perfect delivery blend well with that grime approach. The pair of them spit menacing and violent venom, while still managing to create a feel good vibe for the streets.

The beat has a certain intensity that is hard to describe. It gets you amped up, but it has a slightly haunting edge. The production is slick and tight. The bars are gritty and dark, but not it’s not a comedown tune. It’s the finished article, a big sound gangster rap anthem with identifiably UK genetics. It’s a tune to be proud of, a sign of things to come from the buzzing UK scene, and it’s a unique symbol.

Also watch out for Big Dog’s final free mixtape dropping on Grime Blog, along with the official Brum Town Bad Boyz music video on P110 on the same day, September 20th.

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