UFC: Fight Night 28 – Teixeira comes out on top in Brazil

UFC Fight Night Weigh-in

Bader faced off with Teixeira in the main event – Source: Getty Images

UFC Fight Night 28
Wednesday 4th September 2013
Belo Horizonte, Brazil

Predictions: Featuring a headline fight which is basically a title eliminator fight but only if Teixeira wins. I’m going to do what I normal do and predict the main card, then give my perspective when the dust settles. First up was Vinicius v Baginatov. I don’t know anything about either guy so I’ll pick the guy with the most experience, that being Vinicius. Natal v Troeng. Troeng was on the season of TUF that brought us Uriah Hall. Natal is a Brazilian BJJ wizard and seasoned UFC vet. Troeng has 1 UFC fight to his name, a win over Adam Cella. Big step up for Troeng, and on this occasion too big a step. My money is on Natal by sub in the first.

Trinaldo v Hallmann. I’m not familiar with Hallmann too much, but Trinaldo was a semi standout in the first Brazilian season of TUF. Trinaldo by decision. I think Octagon shock will be too much for Hallmann in his promotional debut. Benevidez v Formiga. This screams squash match. Benevidez is a former title contender. Formiga has had two UFC fights, one of which is a loss to John Dodson. Guess who Dodson fights like? Benevidez by brutality.

Okami v Souza – Middleweight Okami is a former title contender and best buddies with Chael Sonnen. Souza is a Strikeforce BJJ phenom. Okami is a huge wrestler and Souza seems to be quite small for the weight class. This fight will definitely go to the ground. I’m not sold on Okami when standing up. I think Souza will get the submission in round one. Okami needs to keep the fight on the feet but I fear his wrestler mentality will take over and he will be smothered.

Finally the main event of the evening. Teixeira v Bader. Why did I say that this was a title eliminator but only if Teixeira wins? Tito Ortiz, that’s why. Bader got KTFO by Ortiz. Any chance of Bader being touted as a prospect are gone forever, or so it seems. Bader would have to win quick and exciting and not get injured. He has to be like Jon Jones, who handed him his very first career loss. Bader, the poor soul, was never on the short list of contenders. He lost to Machida and has only one win since. That was against Matushenko.

Teixeira is kind of the new UFC wonder boy right now. His fights so far have been exciting, except against Rampage. He is trained by John Hackleman and of course is mates with Chuck Liddell, who is best mates with Dana White. Talk about friends in high places. If he wins, he is the next logical contender to the winner of Jones v Gustuffson, if the winner of that fight is Mr. Jones of course. I think you can guess where I’m going with my prediction here? Of course its Teixeira that I’m going for. On paper, Bader should be his toughest test. Rampage didn’t care and just wanted his walking slip. I Just can not see how Bader has any chance.

Look. If Bader wins, he ain’t getting out of Brazil alive, so he still loses whatever the outcome. I think Teixeira will come out all guns blazing and look to starch Bader early. If it goes to the ground, he will have his BJJ to rely on and look for sweeps to get on top for the ground ‘n’ pound. Bader on the other hand, should look to keep Teixeira at a distance and look to take him to the later rounds and outwork him en route to a decision. Teixeira has a questionable gas tank. My prediction though, is Teixeira by TKO in the 2nd.

Results: I’m watching live as I type and here are the results. Seeing how long I can stay up, what with having work tomorrow. Vinicius v Bagautinov looks like a man fighting a child. Bagautinov is tiny and has got heavy hands. Seriously I’m already 0 and 1 on predictions – not fair! Vini clearly had his brains scrambled by the beating in round one. Bagy gets the TKO. Natal v Troeng – Troeng is tough. So many shots and so many sub attempts. Natal showed heart and grit with his constant pressure. Natal by unanimous decision.

Trinaldo v Hallmann – Damn you Trinaldo! Your winning the fight and you get tired, then submitted. You even tap. Call yourself Brazilian? Hallmann submission round two with the Kimura lock. Benevidez v Formiga – Benevidez gets the KO, no surprise there. Okami v Souza – Souza is a beast. Finished in first round but with strikes. That’s a scary dude. Amazing ground and sniper strikes. I see him being fast tracked to fight the winner of Weidman v Silva.

Now for the main event of the evening – Teixeira v Bader. Both come out with bad intentions and Bader fast. Teixeira really slow and almost plodding. Bader got Teixeira on the cage and it was looking like Bader would get him, then blammm! Bader was on his ass, getting his head bounced off the canvas. The fight was over and Teixeira was victorious.

I didn’t do too badly. 4 out 6. Good event. Brazil was quiet tonight though. Very underwhelming. Teixeira is the next contender.

Arun Paul Smith


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