Warrior Poetry: Undertaker

It’s time to big up another legend of the game. Sit back and enjoy my futile attempt to describe The Undertaker in all of his evil glory.


Undertaker – Source: Deviant Art

Warrior Poetry

A tall demonic figure once changed our world
It was plain to see, he was no sheep for the herd
With a dastardly and scrupulous father in tow
He was established early as a name to know

While he and his keeper put down every challenger
An unknown fire was burning with anticipation
The dark prince knew not, the intentions of his brother
A fiery and most dominant force of nature

With his sibling as foe, and sometimes as friend
The reputation of the Phenom continued to ascend
A truly chilling individual with a mounting destiny
Began to formulate success with the help of his ministry

After some time away and a change of style
The big man came back with just as much guile
No longer draped in the black he was known for
An American Badass, still wanting the title

Eventually the man and the black were reunited
For long periods of time, the crowds he delighted
As the stalwart and the highlight of Friday nights
In dark times for the warrior world, he was the shining light

As his years drew to a close, his legend it rose
The man to beat, the icon of a generation
Through epic battles with all worthy challengers
At the biggest stage of all, he just couldn’t be beaten



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