UFC: McGee edges past Whitaker, and much more

Robert Whittaker vs Court McGeeCourt McGee and Robert Whitaker – Source: Esther Lin, MMA Fighting

So here’s the deal. UFC have got two shows this week. A fight night on Wednesday and 164 on Saturday. I cant watch the fight night so I’m going to do predictions and then discuss the results later (after I get them) in the same article.  Plus I’m going to give my predictions on 164. I will stick to the main card fights, otherwise this article would be far too massive.

Right, Condit v Kampfmann in the main event. They have already fought. I see Condit getting the nod this time, by being more aggressive and bloodying up The Hitman to guarantee the important W. Cerrone v Anjos. Wow the closest you could get to a mirror match. Two guys that love a stand up scrap. Both got similar stats. I can’t tell you who is better at what here. Cerrone might have the wrestling. I see this being an exciting back and fourth battle. I think Cerrone will get his hand raised. This is a potential fight of the night, a truly great fight. In fact the main card looks like it could be a decision-fest to me.

The men I expect to pick up the wins for the rest of the card are Gastelum, Whittaker, Mitzugaki.

A fight that has the potential for a nasty KO is Tavares v McDaniels. McDaniels cried when he was picked to fight Uriah hall in the last season of The Ultimate Fighter. Most men would, but he is a professional fighter. Don’t be put off by the potential night of decisions. This card has the potential action packed and full of surprises.

Moving on to 164 now and the much anticipated rematch of Henderson v Pettis. Henderson was the WEC champ. The fight was pretty much a toss of a coin to pick a winner until the dying seconds of round 5. Pettis achieved the unimaginable and ran up the cage matrix style to hit Henderson with what looked like the very tips of his toes. This resulted in a knock down and Pettis was crowned the final lightweight WEC champion.

I see this fight being a totally different affair though. Henderson is a Champion. All of his UFC title fights have gone to a decision, but I think this is because he is facing the toughest guys. Since the WEC folded into the UFC, Pettis has spent most of the time injured. His WEC title became scrap because it was owned by a UFC guy. He never got an immediate title shot (Frankie Edgar had something to do with that) and basically there will be no crazy kicks.Henderson knows exactly what he has to do to win the fight. Unlike the first fight, Pettis won’t have the cardio to deal with Henderson’s game. Henderson by unanimous decision is my prediction.

Assuming the next main card has four fights, I pick Barnett, Mendez, Rothwell and Poirier to win. Barnet v Mir will be an intense battle between two former heavyweight Champs. They are practically mirror images in terms of style, but Barnett may have the advantage on wrestling. Barnett by decision I think. When it comes to Mendez v Guida. Look, its impossible to finish Guida off. Mendez will have to keep it on the feet and do damage with heavy shots. Mendez by decision.

Rothwell v Vera: I’m picking Rothwell by a potentially nasty knockout. Vera is a wiley light heavy weight, but his main problem is that he can’t find his right weight class. He is way too small for every class. Rothwell has to cut to 265. Vera probably is better at everything but his cardio is horrible. Rothwell by early KO or by decision via assault and battery. Poirier v Koch is another mirror match. Both have only lost to future title challengers. Both have a ‘jack of all trades’ mixed-martial arts style. This fight is going to be a very exciting and close, back and forth war. I think you could pick the winner on the toss of a coin but I’m picking Koch simply because he has fought more tougher guys and has a little more high level experience.

Overall I think this week will be quite an exciting one for the UFC.

Results: So how did I do? I Just saw the results of the fight night. Got the winners correct for 4 out of 6, not bad. One of the two I got wrong was a split decision for McgGee over Whittaker. I’m not hurt, it was a toss em’ fight. Anjos got the nod over Cerrone. Sounds like it was an overall exciting night of fights. The weekend got some catching up to do.

Arun Paul Smith


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