Warrior Poetry: Edge

It’s Friday. That can mean only one thing. It’s more Warrior Poetry. Act like you want it.

EdgeEdge – Source: Deviant Art

Warrior Poetry

This warrior started young, touring all around the land
He threw down on the mat, with the best workers at hand
The moves, the holds, all of the tools he learned
To help him grow and emerge, triumphant from the herd

He evolved as a part of a brood of three
Adopted by the most evil ministry
He did their bidding, achieved their goals
But he and his brother, wanted out of the fold

They released themselves from that mighty grip
And together they innovated, together they amazed
With tables, ladders and steel chairs
The most exciting of teams, left opponents in a haze

As a lone competitor, he became tenacious and ruthless
Willing to do whatever it took, to leave enemies toothless
Without concern for popularity or blueprints
He became forever known as the ultimate opportunist

He was Rated R and only suitable for adults
Explosively controversial, and never afraid to insult
The fighter known only to us as Edge
Was always willing to do whatever it took

A career of success was brutally cut short
By a critical injury that couldn’t be reversed
At a young age, one of the best ever was gone
With a Hall of Fame place, as a legend to all



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