UFC: Sonnen shocks Shogun, then calls out Silva

sonnenChael Sonnen lays into Mauricio ‘Shogun’ Rua – Source: Associated Press

I was going to try and stay off the MMA websites as I’m away for two weeks and was having some major league problems getting feeds. I couldn’t resist though, so I looked on the web, and got the results. So I’m going to talk about the main event and some other things that made me gasp. You will notice I was correct in my prediction that Chael would win, but the manor in which he did it, I don’t think anyone could have predicted. A submission in the first round. What? Really? How? By guillotine choke, that’s how. Proof that there’s life in the old dog yet.

Chael called out Wandelei Silva. It would be a great fight yes, but it’s a dangerous risk with little upside for the Oregon native. By and large, I read the event was full of awesome fights. two Sub of the Night’s, two KO of the Night’s, plus the Fight of the Night. 6 awards! That says something about the calibre of entertainment on offer. The one thing that shocked me was to hear that Joe Lauzon lost. The bonus king. Not only lost but was dominated by someone known for inducing comas on the audience.

Obviously I still haven’t got to see the fight. But this is further proof of the randomly unpredictable nature of the sport. This was intended to be about the heavyweights. Speaking of heavyweights, Travis Browne KO’d Overeem with a front kick to the face. Where Overeem goes from here I don’t know. The fact is, he is always only 1 or 2 wins from a title shot. I guess we shall see.

That’s all for now. I hope everyone enjoyed the fights, and I hope you enjoy these articles. Hit ‘Follow’ for plenty more from the world of UFC/MMA and pro wrestling.

Arun Paul Smith


One thought on “UFC: Sonnen shocks Shogun, then calls out Silva

  1. I’ve always said that Chael Sonnen could walk into the WWE tomorrow and be the best promo cutter in the business. He just naturally oozes charisma, and the funny thing is, in person, the man Chael Sonnen is an incredibly nice guy, but the fight-ready, “time to sell the fight” Sonnen is truly a world class troll of the octagon that rustles the jimmies of everybody on the web that can’t see through it of what it is. He’s great! I’ve always thought he’s become one hell of a talent as he’s gotten older. A lot of people discredit him for his talking, but he’s only lost two fights in the last three years and that was against Anderson Silva and Jon Jones, and who’s gonna chastise a guy for losing to either of those two men?

    It was a damn good fight card, as well as the prelims. Conor McGregor lived up to his hype when he beat Max Holloway, but now I’m grief-stricken. He’s going to be out for 10 months (at least) with a torn ACL! A damn shame! Guys like him, and the Korean Zombie, who are fun to watch, are gonna be missing action, and again that’s majorly unfortunate.

    Joe Lauzon is one of my favorite fighters in all of MMA, but Michael Johnson obliterated him in quite possibly the biggest ‘blowout’ I’ve ever seen in an MMA fight that’s went all three rounds. Big props to Johnson for coming into Lauzon’s hometown of Boston and giving the best performance of his career.

    Alistair Overeem, man, I don’t know what to say about him. He was on the brink of beating Travis Browne when he had Browne down and against the cage, but he wore out. Mario Yamasaki was close to calling the fight. He kept telling Browne to move and show some action, and so Browne did, and eventually Reem wore down. Once they were standing, it was over for Overeem (pun not intended) because he was completely gassed!

    I can’t wait until this next Saturday night. It’s going to be a fantastic card. I’m practically turned on (not really, haha) by the main event between Benson and Showtime Pettis. I get goosebumps every time the trailer/preview is shown with Pettis running and jumping off the cage wall.

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