Warrior Poetry: The Rock

The RockThe Rock – Source: World Wrestling Entertainment

Warrior Poetry
The Rock

Many moons ago, there lived a mighty chief
He fought with great honour and pride
Later there came a trailblazer named Johnson
With a love for the business, he could not hide

These two warriors played a part in creating
A blueprint for success, that can’t be debated
A third generation star, you just love hating
With destiny and ability, came an ego inflated

He became the leader of a nation
A man of his own, with no lack of motivation
Charging in to battle, with his brothers at his side
Ready to take the people, on one hell of a ride

As his charisma expanded, he was covered with gold
Welcome rewards for a wonder to behold
Epic performances and moments to cherish
His desire for success could not be diminished

He left the warriors ring for bigger things
A different type of challenge, he took it with a swing
In his step, a modern day action king
A hero to millions more, new accolades to sing

At the age of a legend, no longer a cub
This warrior returned to the land he first loved
Climbed back to the top of the tallest mountain
To once again drink from the championship fountain



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