Figure Actions: Pt2

Thanks for checking out The Real Mid Card. Your home of serious and investigative pro wrestling journalism. Now, look at some more photos of wrestling action figures.

Original ChokesterRelentless Chokester
Umaga v Balls Mahoney

Intergender AbuseMixed Gender Handicap Abuse
Triple H & Triple H v Kelly Kelly

Submission WrestlingThe Art of Submission Wrestling
CM Punk v Eddie Guerrero

It’s a shame that these great matches couldn’t happen in real life (bar the last one, which actually did happen in Ring of Honor) because they would be pretty fun to watch. That’s probably why I’m not the booker. I hope you enjoyed my futile attempt at art and wrestling. Check out the categories on your right for some serious articles on the best sport in the world. WWE, TNA, ROH, even UFC. You name it, we got it! Oh hell yeah!



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