Bad State of Views

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This can only real come across as a guy complaining, but it still has to be done. My views have been taking a real hit recently, and I can’t figure out for the life of me why. People don’t seem to have un-followed, I’m using the same tags as always, I’m still posting everyday. Despite that, the stats are making for very depressing reading. I’ve been scouring the WordPress forums, but I can’t seem to find the answer. It’s very frustrating because I’ve been building this thing up for seven months now and for about eight weeks I’ve been posting every single day, with the help of my brilliant team.

I guess this post is just about trying to find some answers. Do any of you know what might be going wrong? Any fellow bloggers who have experienced similar problems recently? It just seems like my daily averages have fallen off a cliff and I can’t identify what I’ve been doing differently. In any event, I hope it stops happening and things go back to normal soon, because I really want to hit my targets. The site seemed to be building some good steady momentum, and I hope that can continue. To those of you who have been loyally reading all of our material, I say a big thank you, and I hope to enjoy your continued support.

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