Summerslam: What was your favourite match?


Incredible match between Lesnar and Punk – Source: World Wrestling Entertainment

So I’m just going to take a quick look back at last night’s show. Spoiler alert. If you haven’t seen it yet, stop reading. For those of you still with us, let’s go and see what might have been the best part of this incredible show. Leave me your opinions in the comment box below. Who stole the show in your opinion?

For me, this was easily the best pay-per-view of this calendar year so far. The opening match between Kane and Bray Wyatt was very entertaining. The flames created an insane visual and the story was handled very well in my opinion. All of the other matches on the pre-show and the lower card were very pleasing. But as you can probably predict, the two main events were out of this world.

CM Punk and Brock Lesnar had a match that I didn’t think could be equalled. I was eventually proven wrong, but these guys went as close to stealing the show as they possibly could. It was definitely Brock’s best match since coming back, without a doubt. It had it all. Intense, vicious brawling. Excellent submission work. Tremendous throws and high risk. Sheer brutality! It was the perfect way to cap off a great feud, or maybe just for now. Paul Heyman played a vital role at the end, but for the most part they were allowed to go out there and use all of their extensive experience to create something truly magical. Brock got the win, as I predicted, and rightfully so. In fact, all of my predictions came true last night. Hate to toot my own horn, but in the immortal words of Arn Anderson, “toot toot”

John Cena and Daniel Bryan absolutely killed it. I think there are so many words to say that I can’t fit them all into one statement. These guys did the unthinkable and outdid Lesnar and Punk. They had one of the best matches of the year by far, a career defining one for both, in my opinion. The two of them traded submissions, used all of their trademark moves and both offered something new. Daniel Bryan topped the night with an insane new running high knee, which knocked Cena out cold. He pinned him to become the champion.

Then things got interesting. Randy Orton came down to the ring flaunting his briefcase. When Bryan was distracted calling him out like a truly heroic face, good guy special referee Triple H pulled him around, and hit him with a vicious pedigree. Orton then cashed in, and just pinned him there and then to become a seven time champion. Absolutely insane! If you say you saw this coming, you’re a liar. This was the first time I’ve been properly worked by WWE in about ten years. That’s an unbelievably impressive feat!

The whole night was great. The two main events were beyond good. Now we have some brand new storylines to look forward to, with Bryan and Orton seeming to be the marquee for Night of Champions. But there are a lot of fascinating questions now too. What’s next for Punk and Brock? Are Triple H and Orton actually a unit now? Is this evolution coming back? Will we be seeing Ric Flair and Batista again? Very exciting times indeed, all sparked off by one incredible night!

Let me know what you thought. Was it a total bust? Did it not compare to the Attitude Era? What was your favourite match? Leave us a comment. If you want plenty more articles about pro wrestling, and now mixed martial arts, hit ‘Follow’ and stay updated! I can’t wait for Monday Night Raw tonight. Be sure to come back for the Raw review tomorrow.



4 thoughts on “Summerslam: What was your favourite match?

  1. I have always hated John Cena. Not the person, but the wrestler. The character has always driven me insane. The modern day Hulk Hogan for sure. However, I’ve gained a massive amount of respect for him since he put Bryan over cleanly. Sure, the announcers, Triple H and Cena himself (the next night on Raw) brought attention to the tricep tear, elbow and all, but hell, he put D-Bry over. I just hope that, when he comes back and if D-Bry has the title by then, WWE Creative doesn’t go into “Hey! Cena’s back at 100%! Let’s have him beat D-Bry for payback!” mode. Hackneyed and recycled Cena fluff, it would be.

    This is an exciting time to be a wrestling fan!

    • I totally agree. I think him taking a break will be great for his body, for his character and great for our entertainment. Should freshen up the show a lot and he can come back a lot stronger!

  2. I missed Summerslam, but heard the two main events were excellent. I was genuinely shocked to hear about the HHH turn. I never saw it coming. It’s been such a long time since we’ve had a heated angle like this. Summerslam marked the third straight hot PPV the company has produced this year. WWE is on a roll!

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