Will WWE Summerslam 2013 live up to the hype?

slampredictSummerslam predictions – Source: World Wrestling Entertainment

So Summerslam is tonight. I’m uncontrollably excited and ready to give you my predictions and my general thoughts on the card. It seems that for a while now the biggest party of the summer has been a real let down. The bill is always outstanding but the matches just haven’t been living up to their billing. I hope that can change tonight, and I have real optimism that it will. Here’s why.

PRE-SHOW: Dean Ambrose(c) v Rob Van Dam (United States Championship)

I know a lot of people have reservations over this being placed on the pre-show. For me, it’s a positive thing. The company clearly want to make this thing a success, and they want the traffic of people going online to watch it. I see it as the equivalent of being the match just before the main event(s). They want to put marquee names on their to get people clicking, and possibly secure some last minute buys. They should accomplish that with what looks to be a great match. I’m sure The Shield and Big Show/Mark Henry will get involved, but I do hope the match ends with a clean finish that just involves these two guys. I expect Ambrose to go over here. Rob doesn’t need the belt at this stage in his career.

Natalya v Brie Bella

I thought I’d get this out of the way early because I don’t even know what to say. It may be the other one, and not Brie. If so, my apologies. Neither of them do anything noteworthy to make them recognisable. I can only tell them apart because one has slightly bigger breasts. Watching the two competitors in this match attempt to chain wrestle on Smackdown was painful. I expect this to be equally agonising, but hopefully it will only last five minutes or less. I expect Natalya to win.

Dolph Ziggler & Kaitlyn v Big E Langston & AJ Lee

I’m all for this Dolph v Big E feud, but I feel the involvement of AJ and Kaitlyn will just dilute what could be a good match. Nonetheless, with Dolph in there you know the match can’t actually be… bad. It may be so-so, but not bad. There will probably be some amusing moments with AJ too so I’m mildly aroused by this match (not in that way, I’m a professional) but it’s not exactly the reason I’m buying. I think Dolph and Kaitlyn will get the win here, and send AJ a tiny bit crazier in doing so.

Damien Sandow v Cody Rhodes

This feud may just be an excuse to delay Sandow from cashing in. The problem with the briefcase is the fans get impatient and expect it to be used every week. If you want to use it eight months down the line, you need to distract the fans with some other good feuds for a while. This one was easy because the rift is over the briefcase itself, and they have the whole tag-team breakup to play on. I would drag this out for three pay-per-view matches and move on from there. I expect a really good match from these two, possibly a future career landmark for the both of them. I hope and predict that Cody will pick up the win here and continue to build momentum as a babyface.

infernokaneWhat a visual – Source: World Wrestling Entertainment

Kane v Bray Wyatt (Ring of Fire Match)

Michael Cole has made it clear that this won’t be the ‘Inferno Match’ that we all initially dreamed of. Nonetheless, having huge flames all around the apron in PG WWE is going to be a very amazing visual. It should also mean that there can be no outside interference, although it wouldn’t surprise me if they had them come through under the ring or something to make it three on one. I do expect though that the two of them will be forced to battle it out alone, in a limited match. But they have done some interesting stuff with it in the past, so we shall have to see. I expect an angry brawl, a good story and a clean Bray Wyatt win, thus announcing his arrival as a legitimately tough bad guy.

Alberto Del Rio(c) v Christian (World Heavyweight Championship)

I think it’s great that Christian has come back, remained relevant and is even featuring in a World Title match, but I don’t think for a second that he will win. If pro wrestling weren’t pre-determined, I’d look at the Paddy Power facts (he wins more than he loses at Summerslam, he beat Del Rio for the title a couple of years back, he’s beat him consistently over the last few weeks) but sadly it doesn’t work like that. I think it’s too soon to expect them to take it off Alberto. I would like to see Christian win because the Mexican’s character has fallen completely stale. Sadly, I see Del Rio retaining but I expect to see a really good match. I see Ricardo Rodriguez getting involved in this match somehow, either to screw Del Rio or swerve us all by re-uniting with him (ala Ric Flair and Triple H in 2002)

John Cena(c) v Daniel Bryan (WWE Championship)

Speaking of good matches, I’ve decided to go for this one first but I don’t necessarily think WWE will put this as the second to last. I expect it to be the final match, but for me it’s actually not as anticipated as the other. The hype for this one has been intense though. The McMahon’s are playing a big part in the storyline (like it or not), there is the real possibility of Cena losing the title, and Bryan is a few hours away from possibly immortalising himself. If you needed a reason to order the pay-per-view, here is one. I expect the two of them to tell a great story and produce an extremely good match. Having Triple H as the referee is a decision which has been criticised by many. It just gives the match extra star power in my view, and he should add an interesting dynamic to proceedings. Will Vince get involved? Will someone be screwed? Even less likely maybe, but will Cena tap to Bryan and lose the title cleanly? We will have to wait and see.

lesnarpunkI predict a brawl – Source: World Wrestling Entertainment

CM Punk v Brock Lesnar (The Best versus The Beast)

The other main event is the marquee of the night without a doubt. People have fantasized for years about seeing these two get it on, and not sexually. The match is finally upon us, and it should be a classic. I’m pretty sure it’s not No DQ which I find a little surprising. I still expect to see a total brawling session, with a bit of an MMA twist. Both of these guys are very fond of working that style, and I hope to see plenty of great suplexes and throws, submissions and vicious strikes. Two excellent pro wrestlers. An amazing storyline and build up. All the hype in the world. It’s the best versus the beast. I see Heyman and Axel getting involved somehow, and I see Brock picking up the win, leading to a rematch between the two, possibly at Wrestlemania.

Final Thoughts: So, there you have it. Sorry if I missed any matches, but if I did then that goes to show how little I care about said match. I’m pretty sure I covered them all though, and I hope you enjoyed reading. What are your predictions? What are your thoughts? Do you see tonight matching up to the £15 price-tag and the insane hype monster that came before it? Leave a comment and let me know. If you want daily posts on WWE, as well as TNA, Ring of Honor, and now UFC, hit ‘Follow’ and stay updated. Thank you very much for your ongoing readership. All of the team at The Real Mid Card really appreciate it!



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