UFC: Can Sonnen defeat Shogun?


Sonnen v Shogun tonight! – Source: Fox Sports

Welcome to the first ever article about UFC here on The Real Mid Card. I’m very delighted to announce that we have a new member of the team covering mixed martial arts, and that man is Arun Paul Smith. You can see all of his work in the UFC category, and see his short bio in the ‘Wrestling’ section. It may not be pro wrestling, but it’s pretty damn close. Plenty of the hard hitting action of the UFC, as well as other MMA promotions will be covered here now, and that’s a good thing! Craig

UFC has its first card on Fox Sports 1 on Saturday night. The main event is Chael Sonnen v Shogun. This is a fight that has no title consequence. It’s what’s known as a fun scrap. Two guys that are both legends in there own right, throwing down for the fans. Looking at it as a fan, it’s easy to say this is a squash match and Shogun will smash him blah blah, but this is MMA. There is always a chance that something totally unexpected will happen. The fact is that these two guys have fought every tough bastard across the middle and light heavyweight classifications over the last decade.

Chael is a wrestler who likes to out-work people with a smothering gnp and hates submissions. Shogun is a heavy handed muay thai. He is Brazilian and was probably born in a BJJ black belt. For Shogun to win, he has to knock out Chael in the first round. Every minute this fight goes on, the chances of him winning will go down. Forrest Griffin laid down the blue print to beating Shogun. This time he won’t have to worry about leg kicks but cardio and wrestling are two things Chael has above and beyond shogun. Most of Shogun’s wins in UFC have come from crazy knock out superman punches or hellacious gnp. I think shogun will throw caution to the wind and throw everything he has as soon the gloves tap.

Chael will do what Chael does. Whether Chael wins really depends on which Shogun turns up. If we get the Shogun who fought Machida, it’s rock a bye baby. Chael, don’t forget your pillow. If it’s the Shogun that fought Mark Coleman the second time, it’s Shogun who will be picking up the soap for five rounds. The common opponent for these strapping young lads is the current 205 champ Jon ‘Bones’ Jones. The individual fights will tell you nothing about how this fight will go down. Jones committed acts on Shogun that I would struggle to watch again. Jones did his best spider impression and toyed with Chael.

I would hope to see a fight of the year ala Shogun v Hendo. I don’t think it will a bloodbath on both sides like that epic battle. There will be blood but it will be Chael’s. However I see this fight being awarded to Chael. He will smother and swarm Shogun just enough to get the nod. Fans and casuals alike will be served a gargantuan slice of MMA mayhem. Top to bottom, the card is full of competitive fights, and potentially explosive fights. Britain’s own Brad Pickett, Ireland’s Conner McGregor, Alistair Overeem, Uriah Hall, Matt Brown to name a few. Watch it. You’ll be a fool not to! It’s a simply great card with a promising main event!

Arun Paul Smith


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