Warrior Poetry: Bret Hart

Please enjoy another one of my attempts at mixing poetry with wrestling. If you enjoy it, give me a ‘like’ :) Thanks for your interest and support!

Bret HartBret Hart – Source: Deviant Art

Bret Hart

Welcomed into the world with headlocks and full nelsons
Came a warrior bore from the seed of the roughest
A family that morphed into a dynasty of success
Enclosed all within it in a dungeon of the toughest

Oh, how this fighter did fight, did work, did toil
Climbed the tallest ladders, larger plots he did foil
Not supposed to be the icon of his era
This young gun fired high, creating mass hysteria

His popularity grew, and the recognition did too
Victories and success, he had more than a few
As he established himself as a man to be relied on
Both alone or in a team, his prowess you couldn’t hide from

After a long time waiting, an epic journey anticipating
The warrior had become the best there ever was
He suffered pitfalls, betrayal and even falls from grace
But The Hitman never failed to put a smile upon the face

Of every applauding fan of true warrior technique
For every spectator, for whom this man would speak
His time in the squared circle, may have ended on some lows
But he will always be remembered for stealing every show

The best and most excellent warrior of them all
Has now been bestowed the honour of immortality in the hall
His legacy and memory will survive long after he passes
As the class, the quality, the specialist at kicking asses


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