Figure Actions

Hi and welcome to the new addition to the weekly line-up: Figure Actions. Basically, I’m going to be elaborately (or maybe not) setting my wrestling action figures into poses, taking some snaps and uploading them on here as sort of a photo blog. I’ll just add a quick caption for each one and that’s that. It may not be in-depth, investigative journalism, but it should be somewhat interesting or amusing to witness, I hope. I really need to get some more figures to make this work well, because I only have around ten. I’m going to start collecting them again though, so it should be okay. I used to have a tonne of them when I was a kid, but my Mum gave them all away to charity or something. Anyway, I hope you enjoy the first edition of Figure Actions, and check back next week (or sooner) for more of this, and some real articles about the world of pro wrestling.

CM Punk v FinlayMy man CM Punk has Finlay up for the devestating GTS

Triple H v Eddie Guerrero

Not a sex act, but Triple H readying Eddie Guerrero for the pedigree

Rey Mysterio v Umaga

Umaga has Rey Mysterio in a rather precarious position

Thanks a lot for your interest. Follow, like and comment. Maybe you have some better ideas or captions? Do you have some action figures you would like to mail to me? Probably not, but worth a shot. See you again soon!



2 thoughts on “Figure Actions

  1. This looks like my kind of meal – I rarely add meat to tomato sauces and actually think they taste better with out the meat because you can taste the tomatoes To be honest, I mostly only have red meat when I eat "out" and since that doesn't happen often, I don't eat it much…

  2. Grande Fabian… Concordo com tudo. Seria bacana os Alvaros Pereiras e os Forastieris da vida lerem esse texto.Para aprender como ser crítico ao falar da vacas sagradas, sem descambar para a polêmica raaaÃirs.Saudtçeµes Palestrinas.Ps: só não gosto quando vc fala mal do maior goleiro de todos os tempos, o grande Leão.

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