Rob Van Dam: 42 years old and still stealing the show!

rvdbryanRob Van Dam still has it – Source: World Wrestling Entertainment

The return of Rob Van Dam has cast a certain frenzy over the WWE. I’ve decided to put down a few words to outline why (in my opinion) his acquisition has been a welcome one. Despite his ripe old age, this guy has managed to sustain high quality performances, probably down to his well documented passion for yoga and stretching. I’d also like to believe that he is a great advertisement for the legalisation of marijuana, but that’s just me. He’s been involved in some awesome matches since coming back, his impact has been massive and he is still beyond over with the crowd. Great signing!

The man from Battle Creek, Michigan has received a bunch of well deserved accolades over an adventurous and inherently memorable career spanning multiple decades. He was my idol as a teenager, and I still have a huge sentimental connection to him. His time in ECW and WWE during the Invasion period and beyond featured some of my favourite matches in history. His uniquely entertaining style and loveable character made him an ultimate face. He may not have been the most diverse wrestler (never having a real heel run) but he is a cast iron hall of famer in my eyes.

Since coming back, he has astounded me with his ability to have great matches. I was under the impression that his work in TNA in the last few years had been noticeably slow, so I was very pleasantly surprised to see him totally up to speed. Of course, that’s just my opinion. I’ve found his striking athleticism and innovative offence to be invigorating. It’s crazy to me that he is continuing to outshine the majority of the roster, made up of much younger guys, who should have bags of energy. That’s not to discredit a lot of the other guys, cause I think a lot of the work has been really good from everyone over the last few months, but Rob has been stealing the show on a lot of nights.

The future looks bright for RVD. I envisage him carrying on with a part time schedule, in the same vein as Chris Jericho. I think that will work perfectly for both parties. He can take long periods off to rest up and focus on other commitments, and when he is around he won’t be stale and will always be welcomed back passionately by his hordes of fans. I’m excited to see how the company plan to use him in the future, short term and long term. I’d like to see him in there with guys like Punk, Bryan and Lesnar (not all at the same time) but for now he just needs to keep having good matches on every show. If he gets added to the World Title match for Summerslam, that will be a great bonus.


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