Enthralling Monday Night Raw builds brilliantly to Summerslam!

Okay. First thing is usually first. My views have dramatically plummeted over the last five days. I’m not sure why but it’s very depressing. If you have any pointers or tips on ways I can improve articles, please leave a comment. That aside, let’s get on with looking at last night’s excellent episode of Monday Night Raw.

bryancenamiztvTriple H calms things down – Source: YouTube

Brad Maddox screwed Daniel Bryan with a fast count, causing him to lose his match with Wade Barrett. It was an average way to opening the show. Randy Orton and Damien Sandow on the other hand, had a very good match, which ended with Cody Rhodes distracting Sandow for the RKO. Despite the loss, he gave a really good showing and is actually starting to look like a legitimate contender. This was decent development toward their match at Summerslam, which I’m beyond excited for. The Shield cut a very cool promo in their usual hand-held cam style. They offered up an invitation to anyone who wants to challenge for the tag titles at Summerslam, with Dean Ambrose defending his US title against the winner of an over the top rope battle royal later in the show. This was awesome. I guess the whole thing with Henry and The Usos is dead then?

CM Punk cut a cool interview building anticipation for his match against Paul Heyman later in the show. Big E Langston briefly confirmed that his match versus Dolph Ziggler at Summerslam is now official. He and AJ Lee teamed to take on The Great Khali and Natalya. The women had to carry the entire match, because we know Khali literally cannot move. The ref made an epic fail by not noticing AJ tap out when he was looking away. Natalya went to have her hand raised and there was just a confused look on his face. She had to strap the sharpshooter on for a second time for him to actually call the victory. Absolutely cringe-tastic! Vince McMahon brought Maddox out to discuss his fast count. He defended himself and “convinced” Mr. McMahon to appoint him as the special ref for the Bryan and Cena match. The crowd gave out insane “No” chants. This was hilariously farcical and thoroughly enjoyable. Triple H came out, made himself the ref, and hit Maddox with the pedigree.

huntermaddoxMaddox sells the pedigree like a don! – Source: World Wrestling Entertainment

The announce team cleared up any confusing regarding the Kane and Bray Wyatt match. It’s going to be a “ring of fire” match where the flames act as a deterrent and aren’t supposed to hurt anyone, according to Cole. Sounds kind of pathetic, but it’s at least half way to an inferno match, and that’s definitely something. There were some decent but ordinary matches that I didn’t take note of. What I did take note of however, was Miz TV with Daniel Bryan and John Cena which was by far the best segment of the whole night. Cena first buried The Miz by saying that his show is normally a “train-wreck segment” and then they both declared how happy they were to hear of the special ref for their match.

The amazing Bryan was on a major “wrestling” hype again, but Cena was flawless in my opinion. This was an emotional and completely compelling promo from both of these guys. John gave another one of his epic critic busting, respect demanding speeches. Bryan did a great job too, and the whole thing was spine-chilling overall. I would recommend you watch this promo soon! Bryan went on to talk about how this is going to be “the biggest match of his life” and made it personal by claiming that Cena didn’t deserve the Japanese wrestling tradition of being slapped in the face before they duel. Cena slapped him and made things as tense as they could be. Triple H made his second appearance to come and defuse things. Randy Orton came out to the ramp to just hold his briefcase up in the air like a dick. This was unbelievably productive in developing towards Sunday. The match seems as important as any Summerslam main event I’ve seen, and with Orton in the mix, it’s a very hard one to predict!

Then we had the 20 man battle royal to decide who would challenge for the US title on Sunday. This was a very ordinary match, but one major highlight saw a spot on the apron with Kofi Kingston and The Real AmericansKofi sunset flipped over the top rope and managed to keep his feet above the ground by holding onto Antonio Cesaro who was being held up by Jack Swagger. Excellent feat of strength from all of these guys. It came down to Mark Henry and Rob Van Dam as the final two and much to the crowds joy, RVD came out on top. Yet another excellent match booked for Summerslam! Van Dam is going to challenge for the title, should be a good match.

henryvandamThe fist bump of doom – Source: World Wrestling Entertainment

Henry got back into the ring and fist bumped RVD to officially confirm his position among the face ranks. The Shield came down and surrounded the ring in familiar style. Big Show made a surprise return to even the numbers, causing them to scram. It now seems that Henry and Show will be taking them on for the tag titles on Sunday, but it’s not official yet. Show looked in pretty good shape and was sporting an epic beard. See, that’s an important note!

Then it was time for Paul Heyman v CM Punk. Heyman cut an excellent promo in the ring before Punk’s arrival and welcomed out his “best friend and co-conspirator” Brock Lesnar. He told everyone that the whole thing was a trap. Obvious but still weird. He said it was a genius plan because now that it was so clearly two on one, Punk had two choices. He could disappoint all of the fans, or come down for a certain beating. Would he be the smart coward or stupid hero? This was all really cool, and got the “CM Punk” chants going like crazy!

heymanlesnarHeyman and Punk goad out the Punker – Source: World Wrestling Entertainment

Of course the music hit and out he came, but not down the ramp. He hit Lesnar in the head with a television camera from behind after coming through the crowd into the ring, beat him down like a dog with the steel chair and went straight after Heyman. He fled up the ramp, and Punk gave chase. Curtis Axel came and met him half way up. He probably regretted that after being slammed into the tron and getting the GTS on the staging area. By this time, Heyman was gone. This was an excellent ending to the show and now the stage is completely set for an incredible Summerslam!


So much development in this show! Absolutely great stuff. There wasn’t a plethora of amazing matches, but there needn’t be because this Sunday, you are set to see some of the best matches of the year, if all goes well. It’s pretty much all booked, and all built for, so sit back and enjoy it. I’ll be paying the £15 to order it, and for once I won’t even feel ripped off. I hope you all watch the show, and are as excited about it as I am. Thanks for reading, and please do hit ‘Follow’ and come back for a post about wrestling every single day!


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