Friday Night Smackdown: My Insights

christiandelrioChristian hits the killswitch on Del Rio – Source: World Wrestling Entertainment

Having looked back at some of my older posts in the archives, I feel that lately I’ve been doing far too much play-by-play and rambling. I think it’s better to just try and give a summary of a show, and give a few opinions, ideas and predictions. I’m going to try and do that today by taking a look at Smackdown which was aired last night. I made some notes (far less than usual), didn’t take note of every single move in every match, and just tried to get a general feel for the show. Here are the people or moments that I felt were particularly noteworthy.

Rob Van Dam and Randy Orton had a really excellent opening match, which I thoroughly expected from the two guys in question. AJ Lee and Big E. Langston took part in a pretty funny and entertaining Miz TV segment. The “host” of Summerslam seems to have made the full transition from Wrestlemania main event star into Mean Gene Okerlund 2.0 – Aside from his irrelevance, the biting barbs on the mic and the great action of this portion of the show kept me entertained, especially when Dolph Ziggler and Kaitlyn were added to the mix. An inter-gender tag team match has been booked for the four of them at the pay-per-view. That should be a refreshing change. It’s been a while since I’ve seen one of those.

wadebryanWade tries to give Bryan a shave – Source: World Wrestling Entertainment

Wade Barrett came to the ring for his match with Daniel Bryan sporting no beard, making him look far less menacing and a lot more teenager. He was equipped with a shaver, looking for revenge. The two of them had a good match and played on the whole beard dynamic some more. Probably a cheap attempt to boost t-shirt sales, but still funny. Damien Sandow gave a backstage interview showing off his new “sandowized” briefcase – a very strong looking, shiny and awesome prop! Another interesting part of the show saw Bray Wyatt give one of his distinctive promos alongside his crazy family, but this time it immediately followed Kane’s match and was broadcast on a huge screen draped above the ring – really cool visual! It was another well delivered, creepy and eerie piece and I’m very excited for their match at Summerslam!

We also saw a really cool recorded vignette for Brock Lesnar. Similarly to those he did before returning to face Cena and Triple H, it featured him sitting and talking to the camera, interspersed with footage showing off how awesome he is. He gave Punk credit for his lengthy title reign, but questioned whether he could beat the former NCAA, UFC and Undisputed WWE Champion. I also question that. To have Paul Heyman working the mic for this guy, and know that if necessary he can grab it at any time and do brilliant work must be so reassuring for the creative team. This whole video did an excellent job of hyping up The Best versus The Beast.

peepsChristian still has some peeps – Source: World Wrestling Entertainment

Christian and Alberto Del Rio competed in the main event, giving away their pay-per-view World Title match away for free again. That really gets me hyped for Summerslam! (Warning: Sarcasm) The crowd were hot for the whole night. They were noticeably organic and enthusiastic. They showed major love for Fandango earlier in the night, and even got a “JBL” chant going during this main event, which the announce team ignored, much to my bemusement. This is a crowd that definitely saw the Raw after Mania. Christian pinned the Champ again with another fluke roll-up, allowing the commentators to hype up the possibility of him winning the belt in eight days. This is total false hope. I’d say he has a 10% chance of actually getting the strap, unless they have a new guy in mind (e.g. Sandow) and need a transitional worker.

Final thoughts: I’d honestly say this show was above average. It may have lacked some of the big names, but Smackdown often does. Most of the ring work was solid. Some of the development was good. We have a new match or two booked for the pay-per-view. The crowd were wild! We even got a ‘Sandow almost cashing in moment’ – something I’m sure we will see a thousand times between now and the time he actually cashes in. Not the best show of the century, but above average for sure.


Thanks a lot for reading my review of Friday Night Smackdown. I hope you enjoyed the show, I hope you enjoyed the post. Let me know what you think with a comment. Do you prefer the full play-by-play format? Is there anything major that I missed? Any pointers or tips? I appreciate your support and input. Thanks to all of our loyal readers. If you’re not one, hit ‘Follow’ and get daily posts on the world of pro wrestling. Thank you!



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