Warrior Poetry: Cody Rhodes

Thanks for lending an eye to some more of my Warrior Poetry. This week it’s a change of pace as I go for someone a little less established than the other heroes I’ve chosen. If you read this site much, you will know that I am a huge mark for this guy. I hope he finally gets to where he belongs soon. Anyway, please enjoy my attempt at poetry.

codyrhodesCody Rhodes – Source: Deviant Art

Cody Rhodes

He was born the son, of a son, of a plumber
Fathered by a working man, with desire and power
An icon of his era, a truly great warrior
His successes secured him, a legacy of honour

He and his sibling bore expectation from birth
A golden eccentric, his older brother became
He lived a humble and modest career to some
But this warrior attained a very good deal of fame

As for the young warrior, with big shoes to fill
He did so with a smile, and with boots to kill
Mixing confidence and will, he quickly evolved
Into a coming of age hero, with potential unreal

With another young lion, and an established gladiator
He tried to carve out a place for himself
In the prestigious history of the the game of he loved
The boy from Georgia had to stay off the shelf

He did so with vigour and true valiance
Now he moves in the ring with elegance
The hordes of fans admire his great talents
He executes spectacular moves with steady balance

Having learned from the best, and passed all the tests
It’s time for this warrior, to be better than the rest
With greater battles ahead, greater passion he must arrest
To truly reach those heights of deserved success


Thanks a lot. I hope you enjoyed reading. Leave a comment letting me who to write about next. Hit ‘Follow’ to be kept updated with reviews and opinion on the world of pro wrestling.


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