This is a short review of the new ‘Spacewave’ EP  coming out from my good friends SSS on Chameleon Recordings. You should check it out sometime. Thanks for reading

SSS space waveFront cover of the Spacewave EP by SSS – Source: Chameleon Recordings

From beneath the smog filled skies of the West Midlands music scene, a new sound has emerged to take control of your mental faculties: SSS. Bringing together the creative talents of producers MoJoe and Only One, SSS is a partnership with real promise. It’s a collaboration so diverse in nature that it’s product can only be described as unique and exciting. With years of experience, both sides of the coin bring a lot to the table.

The end product is a dark and haunting series of tracks, with an undeniable groove. Bedded in heavily by catchy and addictive bass and hard hitting snares, the tunes are seasoned with chilling and atmospheric sounds. They breathe the futuristic, but have a certain element of horror about them. Listening to this shit could really get your imagination going. Yet something about it also makes you want to move. I’d say it’s best suited to a night alone with some inspiration, or a packed basement party with very dim lights.

The sounds you will hear on this EP are influenced by the rapid takeover of trap, and generally UK bass music. It has the ultimate vibration to make your heart move up a gear. Despite most of the driving force coming from the growing trap movement, you can also hear the mark of dub, grime and dubstep in there. The tunes come out August 4th on Chameleon Recordings, so be sure to stay locked to their links for any news or updates, and get your copy!

As well as this EP, these two will be putting out more content in the way of singles, music videos and collaborations. They have tracks recorded with big name local MCs Slick Don and Big Dog Yogo, have a video (one of several) in the pipeline for the track “Smoke Treez” which is on the Concrete Collective LP, and have plans to release tracks from this as singles. Check the Spacewave EP,  and stay up to date on the moves being made by this most exciting of duos: SSS. These links should help you to do that.

Spacewave EP: August 4th on Chameleon Recordings
Top Track:


Thanks for reading. I hope you enjoyed the piece, and I hope you enjoyed the sound. Be sure to check back for more great content from The Real Mid Card. Peace!


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