TNA: The Weekly Impact Review


The Phenomenal AJ Styles – Source: Deviant Art

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Impact begins with the best tag team in wrestling, Bad Influence (Christopher Daniels and Kazarian) discussing the imminent arrival of a mystery man who claimed he would appear on the 1st of august. TNA built this for one week, so it’s safe to say people aren’t exactly foaming at the mouth.

Next was some footage of two security guards wearing turtle-neck jumpers refusing to let Taz into the building. After some protesting, he says he’s going to call his boys. I’m sure Taz used to be a super tough ‘suplex machine’ but he can’t get past two middle aged men? He didn’t even try!

Tonight’s Bound For Glory Series matches have been decided by the fans votes, which includes Austin Aries v AJ Styles. Hearing that instantly put a smile on my face, dream match for a lot of people.

The August 1st video was then shown, which showed the silhouette of a man who looked to have a bald head and pointy ears, leading a lot of people on twitter to say it was Bob ‘Hardcore’ Holly. At this point I knew who it was, but no spoilers so you can find out later.

Austin Aries comes to the ring to a very positive reaction, it’s probably time to let him run as a cool heel. He shows respect for Chris Sabin and his World Title win, but says he is coming for the belt. He puts over his match with AJ, until he is interrupted by Bobby Roode. BR has been on a losing streak recently, and he takes his frustrations out on AA, saying that no one can do what he does in the ring. AA fires back by mocking his nickname, saying he should be called ‘The Spit Factor’ which seemed improvised, which you never see in WWE anymore. AA says he hopes BR gets back on track, gets to the final 4 of the BFG series, so he can beat him one more time.


‘Mexican Sheamus’ Hernandez makes his way to the ring, and gets jumped by Roode. The two men brawl around the outside, with Roode getting the upper hand using his cunning. I think TNA should have really played on Hernandez being from Texas (that’s where we are tonight) but it doesn’t surprise me. Hernandez was dominating until Roode distracted the ref and hit a low blow. Weirdly Hernandez kicked out of it, it’s a match ender! Roode rolled to the outside, and threw 3 chairs into the ring. As the ref threw them out, Roode smashed a bottle over ‘supermexs’ for the 3 count and 7 points. As I watched this I shouted ‘THERE’S GLASS ALL OVER THE RING WHY IS HE COUNTING!?’ but Roode started miming that it’d been thrown into the ring by the crowd, GENIUS.

Backstage Segment – The Main Event Mafia are shown walking through the halls, saying they have an offer for the Aces & 8’s.

Backstage Segment – ODB is telling Eric Young she has to prepare for her match, and Eric says he needs to talk to Joseph Park. EY says he has studied Parks tapes, and even set off a rocket to discover that when Park bleeds, he snaps.

Backstage Segment – Manik (who has his back to the camera even though we saw his face a few weeks back) is speaking to Sabin, and basically says he’s the new face of the X Division.


Eric has brought Park some headgear so he won’t bleed anymore, but it made me wonder why he’s allowed to wear it? Why wouldn’t every wrestler wear protective clothing? Bradley beats Park down for 99% of the match, until Park hits a Samoan Drop out of nowhere for the win. Mike Tenay calls the move a ‘Fall-away Slam’…groan. On a positive note, EY got the crowd completely behind Park, really loud chants.

Backstage Segment – MEM are talking about their next goal in TNA, with Sting shouting way too much, and Rampage actually getting a line in, that he delivers pretty well.


Right, let’s have a champ v champ match in the middle of the card, that’s a good idea. I cannot stand the Manik character, it doesn’t make sense anymore. Now we know who he is and his back story, it doesn’t mesh, he just seems like a proper weirdo. That being said, the two men fire through chain wrestling moves incredibly fast, with thankfully Sabin getting the upper hand, he really needs to look strong. Sabin wins the match with a running RKO, a superkick and his weird fisherman driver move. A clean win, but I don’t know if it was a good time for Sabin to give up so much offence.

As Sabin Celebrates, Bully Ray appears in the ring and beats down Sabin. He mouthed off until Manik hit him from behind, distracting him enough for Sabin to recover, fight back and run him off.

Backstage Segment – Taz is outside moaning, so he decides to open a limo that arrived earlier. There’s a laptop just sat on the seat…waste of a segment.

Backstage Segment – Bad Influence are scheduled to fight next week, and tease splitting up…that better not happen, I’ll stop watching forever!


This match has a lot of potential, which made me think about how small TNA’s knockout division is now, but how good each lady is (excl. Velvet Sky). Really smart booking in this match, ODB using power v Gail’s speed. After about 8 minutes, I realised this has been longer than most WWE Divas matches. The women brawl around the outside and are both counted out, but carry on fighting until being pulled apart.

Backstage Segment – Born again teenage mosher AJ styles is being angsty, saying he doesn’t care if his match is a dream or not, ooooo!

Backstage Segment – Bully Ray is telling his troops to take care of the MEM, because he wants to concentrate on his rematch with Sabin next week. Brooke Hogan walks into the room and say he needs to be nice to her, because she can effect his rematch.


Again, this should be higher up the card. Two former World Champions in a match that they admitted was a dream match. The Match starts furiously fast, both men trying their well known moves but neither being successful. Both men hit really high moves over the top to the other, in what appears to be an effort to steal the show. AA attempted a superplex, but kept his feet on the ropes as AJ went over, landed on his feet and pulled him off into a neckbreaker, genuinely innovative stuff. AJ then unsuccessfully went for a 450 splash, that the crowd went mad for. AA tried the last chancery submission, got a two count for his brainbuster, and landed on AJ’s knees whilst trying a 450 of his own..getting more frustrated each time. AJ attempted a Styles Clash on the ramp, but was backdropped to the floor by AA. Aries then tried a suicide dive and was thrown onto the ring steps, dangerous stuff. Both men eventually recovered and exchanged strikes. AJ hit a pele kick and both men fell down, draping an arm over each other. Brian Hebner started the 3 count, and on 2 AA got his arm up, winning the match…what the fuck? Awesome match, marred by a weak, weak ending.

Main Event Mafia come to the ring, and Sting repeats the same old shit he’s been saying since their conception. Aces & 8’s make their way out, and Kurt challenges them to a 5 on 5 match at Hardcore Justice, with whoever gets pinned losing their job (goodbye Aces & 8’s). After they brawl for a bit, some generic music hits and the mystery man makes his entrance…it’s uninteresting MMA fighter TITO ORTIZ!

All the wrestlers look scared, apart from Rampage who has a fight against him later this year.

And that’s it!

Notes: Majority of the action was good, apart from the two very weak finishes and a new world champ looking in danger. It seems like the main storyline is on its way out, and there was no Hulk Hogan tonight! Can’t remember the last time that happened.

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