Warrior Poetry: Triple H

So, I have some more Warrior Poetry for you guys that have been demanding it. I really hope you enjoy this one. He may be the subject of incessant memes and accused of burying everyone he sees, but he still deserves a poem from me (See, rhyming already) It’s Triple H. Here we go. Thanks for reading.

triple h

Triple H – Source: Deviant Art

Triple H

He started out as a blue blood, an aristocrat
All the boy was missing was a fancy hat
With pompous remarks, and sly motives
No scruples but desire, the reason for that

As tenacity grew, came an attitude new
From plain and classy, controversy ensued
He ran with a gang of crude outlaws
But playing supporting role simply wouldn’t do

He flexed his muscles, the ones inside his brain
And earned “Cerebral Assassin”, a mighty nickname
The powerful tyrant, oh how he did reign
Taking control and monopolizing the game

The game, the game, most fierce of warriors
His victory and magic, so so glorious
You can tell a man, by all the alias’ he brings
And now at this time, the King of Kings

When it came time to hang up the boots
His influence and power gave new fruits
In formal dress, with locks a fading memory
This warrior still fought, even in a suit.

He came with arrogance, he came with greed
This turned to confidence, it turned to belief
He charged to the top, and never quite stopped
Never in his nature, was the will to concede


Cheers for all the support guys. I hope you like the awesome drawings from Deviant Art too. I always try to choose the best one to use. Hit ‘Follow’ if you want some more Warrior Poetry, and be sure to come straight back to The Real Mid Card for daily posts on WWE, TNA and ROH. Peace!


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