Damien Sandow goes for a swim and impresses me on Smackdown

sandowSandow in a fury – Source: World Wrestling Entertainment

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So, I wasn’t expecting too much from this week’s Smackdown. It was what I call a middle show, so I didn’t think there would be too much development. It was a decent enough episode nonetheless, but nothing to write home about. Anyway, here were my five favourites:

Damien Sandow The intellectual saviour had a very positive show. They used a simple age old idea to make for great entertainment. I’m not the biggest fan of Sandow having the briefcase instead of Cody, but this show definitely got him more over with me. He was very funny on the mic making his way to the ring as always, for a match against the other Mr. Money in the Bank Randy Orton. It was a very solid opener which he lost after being distracted by Cody and taking the RKO. To quote Sandow, Cody “absconded” with his briefcase, and forced him to spend the whole evening trying to find him backstage.

This whole search angle was hilariously well done. Eventually he came to the ring in a fury and demanded that Rhodes show himself. Cody appeared on the screen and told him to come get the briefcase. He was standing next to the Gulf of Mexico, just outside the arena. This is a classic idea. We’ve seen the likes of Kane, The Rock and Stone Cold cut promos next to a large amount of water. Sandow ran out there to him and begged him not to throw the briefcase in. He grovelled like a true heel, saying Cody was his intellectual superior, more handsome than him, had better facial hair and that he carried him when they were a tag team. None of this worked and the briefcase went for a swim. Sandow did the same, crying frantically “I can’t swim” as he almost drown trying to fish it out. This was the perfect way for the show to go off the air, and this feud dominated the episode. A big improvement for Sandow!

sandow2Sandow without a paddle – Source: World Wrestling Entertainment

CM Punk He delivered another top quality promo in the ring – no surprise there! The Best versus The Beast is hotting up nicely. This was another epic impassioned speech delivered at Heyman and Lesnar from an angry Punk. He was strangely interrupted by Fandango. Punk didn’t waste any time giving him the GTS. He was NOT in the mood.

The Usos I am so glad to see these lads on television every week. It’s about bloody time too! I especially love the epic Samoan warrior entrance. They were involved in a pretty good six man tag with their new best friend Mark Henry and the Prime Time Players. I think they have the whole package to be a great tag team. Great look, family heritage in the business, great athletes, unique style, brothers (a real tag team, not a mashup) – Put the belts on these dudes!

Dolph Ziggler Mr. Ziggles makes the list for the amazing promo he cut with AJ Lee. He totally ripped her to the point that she threw a temper tantrum and cried in the ring. He shouted “That’s not PG” after making references to his sex life post AJ. Some other incredible lines: “I have cash in my pockets right now, and I don’t even have pockets”, “Losing my license is a picnic compared to doing anything with you, including an actual picnic” – Hilarious stuff. AJ tried to ‘show him’ by bringing out his suitcase to the ring and cutting up his cards and throwing his clothes around. All she did was help Dolph get even more over and show how entertaining he can be.

AJ did a great job playing her role as the crazy chick. Langston looked uncomfortable in the ring. Kaitlyn came down and gave her a spear out of nowhere, just to add insult to injury. The camera work for this was excellent. She literally appeared out of thin air onto my screen. Langston tried to get involved but took a Fame Asser from Ziggler on the mats outside the ring. Really good promo for everyone, especially Dolph.

zigglerPossible future couple – Source: World Wrestling Entertainment

The Wyatt Family The two “brothers” made quick work of demolishing Tensai, after neutralizing Clay to the outside in this tag match, while Bray watched from his rocking chair. Bray then came in after the pinfall victory, and delivered his emphatic finisher on Sweet T. They are doing a brilliant job pushing these guys to the top. Bray Wyatt got on the mic and called out Kane, telling him to “Follow the buzzards” That should be a decent match, and I’m enjoying the way things are going for the Eater of Worlds. I just hope it continues and gets bigger and better. Things with The Shield seemed to peak and now they are going stagnant.

So, there you have it. Not the greatest show, but there were some valuable and stand out performances. I hope you enjoyed reading. For more daily wrestling coverage, hit ‘Follow’ and come back to The Real Mid Card. Peace.



6 thoughts on “Damien Sandow goes for a swim and impresses me on Smackdown

      • Well I didn’t watch Summerslam, so I can’t accurately comment. I like Cody, but he seems to be lacking in the intangibles department (talking, charisma, overall presence). I think the fans haven’t really gotten behind him as a face yet. He’s good in the ring, but he doesn’t feel like a “big deal” yet.

        • I kind of agree, but I think that with the right push and a real chance he could flourish. I think the presence is there and just needs a chance to come out. Nonetheless, they had a great match last night. Are you going to watch the show at some point? I would really recommend it!

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