Warrior Poetry: Stone Cold

Thanks for your interest in another edition of Warrior Poetry, here on The Real Mid Card. If you haven’t seen the others, I’m a big wrestling fan with no real poetic ability or experience trying to mould wrestling and poetry together. Sound good? Hit Follow. Some people call him Steve Austin, I prefer Stone Cold. This is a summary of one of the greatest careers in the history of wrestling. I hope you enjoy it.

stonecoldStone Cold Steve Austin – Source: Deviant Art

Stone Cold

This warriors path really sped up in the south
But before long he was betrayed and abandoned
They weren’t smart enough to use his mouth
He didn’t have what it took to make it in the big house

In the land of extreme, he really stood out
He took on new challenges, having great bouts
Gathered many scars, took on many louts
Before you knew it, he was once again out

When he got to the real big leagues
He did begin to fulfil his dreams
The crowds came aplenty, filled stands to the seams
All to see this rattlesnake, make cowards scream

He carried a target and gained many an enemy
Degenerates, boxers and even a great one
He had his share of blood and frenzy
The once young warrior, a man he had become

The people’s hero turned to the dark side
Rejoined old faces, gave new friends the heel
But soon he was back to fighting for pride
An honourable ending, for the biggest of deals

What must a retired warrior indeed become?
Entertainer to millions, fading legend to some
Never forgotten, they long for his return
A young Punk’s growing dream, perhaps to burn


I hope you enjoyed the poem. There will be plenty more to come. Give a comment to let me know what you think and make any suggestions for superstars to write about! That would be really cool. If you want to read more, and get daily wrestling updates, hit ‘Follow’ – Thanks for all of your support :)


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