Birmingham 2022: Summary


Birmingham skyline – Source:

Just a quick update on the Birmingham 2022 project I’ve been working on. So the summer school is coming to a close. All of my work has been finished and drafted. The brochure and zine are starting to take shape, and they will be available in a month or less. Then it’s just a case of looking forward to the opening and all of the festivities of the Discovery Season. When it’s all done and dusted, I think I’m allowed to post my articles, so I will be sure to share that stuff on here. Keep an eye out for that.

The last few months have contained a lot of meetings, a lot of talking, a lot of thinking and a heck of a lot of writing. It’s been pretty gruelling at times, but very rewarding. I’m happy with the way some of my ideas have turned out, and I’ve enjoyed working as part of an editorial team again. Hopefully the hard work will pay off. The last two weeks have been real crunch time, and it’s been rather stressful doing all of the work at home after working twelve hour days at the office.

I’ve loved meeting and working with some great people. It’s been a very worthwhile experience. I even got paid for some of the dates, which in my line of work, is incredible. I also got to go on a VIP tour of the New Library of Birmingham before most other people, and saw Jasper Carrot in the elevator while I was there. Can’t ask for much more than that out of a project, can ya? The rewards have been worth it, but it’s been a tough old slog. I’m glad to be finished to be honest.

I’m very glad to say that it’s all over and now I can relax and start to focus on some other projects. The tour film is almost complete, I’m starting to take a look at an idea for a sitcom pilot, and a couple of pals have had a thought about doing some podcasts. Any advancements on any of these things will be posted on here. It’s always good to pepper the sea of wrestling content with the occasional dash of other. I have a hole in my schedule that needs filling, and some new chapters to explore.

My main priority will continue to be this blog. I will always be obsessed with WWE, and will continue to bring you coverage of every episode of Raw and Smackdown, reviews on every pay-per-view, more Warrior Poetry and more from the worlds of Ring of Honor and TNA. Thanks for all of your persistent support. Help us to spread the word about the site, and keep coming back to The Real Mid Card for entertaining pro wrestling content.



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