WWE Pay-Per-View: Rankings

Today I’m going to take a short at each pay-per-view in the WWE calendar for this year. I’ll then rate them all in terms of how much I anticipate them, taking into account things like stipulation matches, nostalgia and recent performances. I’ll add my ranking after each show, 1-12. Leave a comment and let me know what your rankings would be. Thanks for reading.

royalrumbleThe Royal Rumble match – Source: World Wrestling Entertainment

Royal Rumble This show follows closely behind Wrestlemania as one of the highlights of my year. Mainly because of the rumble match itself, it always puts a glint in my eye. Some of the timeless moments it has thrown up, and some of the incredible undercard matches have made it an ever exciting attraction. The battle royal never lets you down, and the surprise entrants never fail to make you mark out like a mofo. Go rumble! Ranking: 2

Elimination Chamber Another pay-per-view that’s main selling point is its stipulation match. I wasn’t a big fan of taking all of these matches and giving them their own shows but I think this is probably the most appealing one. The stipulation is still young having only turned ten last year, so it’s not too rinsed yet. The chamber matches are almost always exciting and they offer the chance to put six top guys in there at once. Ranking: 5

Wrestlemania The showcase of the immortals. Need I say more? Sometimes it can be disappointing, when things don’t pan out the way you hoped. Nonetheless, the big stars, the lights, the fireworks, the action. It’s the blockbuster! The biggest matches of the year. Everybody on the card, from the top to the bottom, gives it 100% to try and steal the show, and leave a lasting impression, when everyone is watching. Ranking: 1

Extreme Rules Overall I’d say this isn’t one of the top shows because it doesn’t have much history and stuff, but it has been quite a consistent performer over recent years. It’s served up some great matches, offered some memorable moments and has done a good job of following Wrestlemania. It’s always going to be tough to follow, but I think Extreme Rules has done well for itself, in some cases very well. Ranking: 7

paybackCM Punk suicide dive on Y2J at Payback 2013 – Source: World Wrestling Entertainment

Payback If my memory serves me correctly, this year was the first ever edition of Payback. I can’t really go on the past then. Payback was absolutely great I thought. There were the downs, but I remember several really solid matches. It wasn’t a bad showing at all and I thoroughly expect it to return next year. For one of those B pay-per-views, it was a bit of an eye-opener. Lets see how it does next year. Ranking: 10

Money in the Bank This year was yet another example of how consistently great Money in the Bank has become. I was as angry as anyone when they took the match off the Wrestlemania card, because I thought it was the highlight. But the shows have been phenomenal, with the stipulation matches being the obvious highlight. I actually think it’s leapfrogged Summerslam and Survivor Series into the big four. Ranking: 3

Summerslam Speaking of the biggest show of the summer, the Slam has been a consistent favourite over the years. I don’t think it’s place in the big four is under too much threat, but it has been slightly disappointing in recent memory. It looks as if this year’s show is set to put it back on a pedestal again. I just hope it lives up to expectations because that’s always what handicaps the biggest shows: all the hype. Ranking: 4

Night of Champions This show is not one of my favourites at all. I’m of the old school logic that every championship should be defending on most pay-per-views. To have a show that’s dedicated to doing that just seems like a waste of time. This should be happening all the time! I can’t remember a single moment that stunned me from any of these. It’s clearly one of the lower tier shows. Ranking: 11

Over The Limit I seem to remember CM Punk being involved in last year’s edition of this. I could be wrong. That’s about all I can conjure up. I have so little interest. Its clearly one of the least important shows of the year, and doesn’t really do much for me in any way. A good match can happen on any show, that’s been proven true tonnes of times. I just haven’t see any that I remember on Over The Limit. Ranking: 12


Hell in a Cell structure – Source: World Wrestling Entertainment

Hell in a Cell It’s another case of a match stipulation that I would like to spread out across the year, rather than consolidate on one show. Nonetheless, this has been one of more exciting theme pay-per-views, mainly because the cell has an enduring charm. When you think back to some of the incredible matches and moments from over the years, you can’t help but dream. These days, those dreams never come true, but still. Ranking: 8

Survivor Series One of the most historic shows on the calendar, Survivor Series always brings with it a lot of hype. Sadly I don’t think it’s lived up to its potential in recent years. The lack of an elimination chamber match often lets it down, compared to shows of the past. Besides that, it doesn’t seem to be pushed and booked appropriately, as the big time event that it should be. But again, it has a lot of history. Ranking: 6

TLC Another theme pay-per-view. Another show that often disappoints. Any show that decides to make a match called a Chair Match can’t be too exciting. Nonetheless, if you put all three of the weapons in there, and put a bunch of talented guys in there, you can hit gold. This just doesn’t seem to happen anywhere near often enough these days, to my dismay. Ranking: 9

Thanks for checking out my rankings. Don’t forget to leave a comment and let me know what you think. Like, comment and follow. We appreciate all of your support!



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