Warrior Poetry: Chris Jericho

After a short time away, Warrior Poetry is back. Thanks to everyone who has offered kind words of support. It really means a lot. You are about to read the end product of limited poetic ability, combined with super wrestling fandom. Enjoy. If you like what you read, give me a like, comment or follow! Thanks y’all!

deviantjerichoChris Jericho – Source: Deviant Art

Chris Jericho

He was born from a mighty Ranger’s seed
But grew up north, where it’s cold indeed
From an early age, he watched warriors in the ring
Dreaming of the chance to live that warrior dream

He cut his teeth in the local scene
With a friend they called Storm, a mighty team
As his passion progressed, so did his skill
He travelled the world, and began to believe

Through Japan, Mexico, Europe and more
Every night, from the top rope he soared
Knocking down warriors of every kind
The Lionheart was a star beginning to shine

In the land of the big time
He lit up many arenas
Until he arrived at the top
Not a place for ballerinas

He took on the greats, and oh how they fell
The warriors confidence and charisma did swell
Receiving accolade after accolade, for reaching the summit
A huge mountain to climb, and “By God, he done it!”

As the old lion did tame, his popularity stayed the same
Always giving his best, he immortalised his name
The victories and championships, were all just passing gifts
For the man who beat them all, did it all, and gave the people a lift


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