Curb Your Enthusiasm: The Best Show Ever?

ldThe genius that is Larry David – Source: Deviant Art

It’s time for a post that isn’t about pro wrestling. This has to be something special. I’ve decided to take a look at my favourite show Curb Your Enthusiasm. If I’m going to skip wrestling coverage for a day, what better way to spend the words? If you don’t know about it, check it out. The show centres around Larry David, playing a caricature of himself. He was the creator of arguably the best and most successful comedy show in history Seinfeld. He goes through his daily life like only he can, and gets himself into many a shocking situation. The show gave inspiration to many writers, including Ricky Gervais, who was heavily inspired by it when creating Extras, another one of my favourite shows. So, why do I like the show so much? I’ve tried to boil it down to three factors: Larry, the characters and the situations.

Larry David The man himself is behind the writing of the show, and he even plays himself as the main character. There is no end to his comedy genius. In interviews, he has described the character as being basically himself, if he said everything he really wanted to. In social situations, we compromise on a daily basis, our beliefs, feelings and qualms. The Larry David character refuses to do so. He speaks with a freeness that is usually associated with a sociopath or someone with mental difficulties. It makes for incredibly entertaining arguments, fights and all-round manic situations. He is the man we all wish we could be. If only we didn’t have a switch in our minds keeping us from offending others. Larry stands up for himself and others when he feels he is being wronged. In that way, I see his character as heroic and brave. I’m sure it’s not a popular opinion. Larry is quickly becoming my favourite television character of all time, and I’m trying with each day to be more like him.

The Supporting Cast Another reason why Curb is so great is the supporting cast that Larry surrounds himself with. There is a plethora of recurring characters and occasional cameo personalities who help create pure madness on our screens. I’m going to focus on a few of the more key, regular personalities who occupy the most time. His best friend Jeff Greene acts as his manager/agent. His adulterous crusades and numerous marital issues often end up causing Larry huge problems, when he attempts to help him. The two of them enjoy golfing, banter and share a lot of disgruntlement for others. Only, Jeff is able to suppress his opinions, because he isn’t a psycho. Richard Lewis is Larry’s other best friend. They go way back to the New York comedy circuit. He is a recovering alcoholic who is dealing with “intimacy issues” He has a new girlfriend every other episode, most of which, Larry doesn’t get on with. His long suffering wife Cheryl is the most regular contributor of the supporting cast. She acts as a voice of reason, and shocked reactor to his ludicrous escapades. We are also often treated to Ted Danson (playing himself), half-friend Marty Funkhouser and a huge array of big name celebrities making cameos. The cast is a big, big factor in the shows success in my opinion.

The Situations The situations in which Larry and his fellow cast members find themselves in are what make the show so memorable. Mostly down to Larry’s stubborn commitment to his own ethical code, he and others are often emblazed in mind-bending arguments in public places like restaurants, beaches etc. He is also known for putting his foot in his mouth, whether it be an unintentional remark that offends someone, or his simply being a victim of coincidence. On one such occasion, he was telling a story about a terrible guy who used the word “nigger” to defile a person. A black doctor heard the remark as he walked past the table. By the end of the episode, he was in deeper water than Adolf Hitler in 1945. These kind of scenarios crop up all of the time. You can’t help but feel sorry for the guy. That’s his charm.

I would definitely recommend you check out the show. It’s extremely fun to watch. You will grow to adore Larry, and most of the other characters. You will laugh out loud. You will tell your friends. You’ll probably become an annoying fan boy like me, and post a blog about it. If you do, I commend you.

Thanks for reading my non-wrestling related post. I hope it wasn’t too bad. If you hated it, don’t worry. They are very rare. We will be back to regularly scheduled wrestling coverage tomorrow, and the next day, and the next day. Thanks for your interest and support, and have a nice day. Be sure to head back to The Real Mid Card if you want to see an article every single day, especially if you’re a fan of pro wrestling. Thanks again.



2 thoughts on “Curb Your Enthusiasm: The Best Show Ever?

  1. Larry David is a genius and I’m glad other people appreciate him. What makes the show is that LD is always right…he just comes across as being wrong in the hilarious situations he gets himself into. CYE is my favorite comedy and I think it’s the best comedy out there. It’s just as good as Seinfeld except the episodes can only be about one person; Larry David, where Seinfeld…it can be about any four of the characters.

    The best show I have ever watched is Breaking Bad…absolutely nothing beats it. Check it out if you haven’t!!

    • I still haven’t checked out Breaking Bad but believe me everyone I know keeps telling me to, so I know it must be good!

      I adore Curb though! Glad you like it too. I love your site and check it out all the time, for my wrestling needs, which is predominantly what I write about.

      Thanks for the comment mate! :)

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