Warrior Poetry: Shawn Michaels

Thanks for checking out Warrior Poetry. I’ve decided to jump back on the horse after around six years. What better way to get the juices flowing than some good old fashioned professional wrestling poetry? Sounds like a novel idea to me. I’ll be twinning the poems with awesome illustrations from Deviant Art. If you haven’t seen these before, check it out. Some amazing artwork! I hope you enjoy the poem, and please feel free to leave feedback and/or criticism in a comment below. Thank you for reading!

Shawn_Michaels_Tribute_by_MLBOAShawn Michaels – Source: Deviant Art

Shawn Michaels

He shot into the world of wrestling
With a mighty step full of spring
As part of the tag team that rocked
He flew inside and outside of the ring

It wasn’t long before he had to go it alone
In back to back rumbles, he could not be overthrown
Shortly thereafter, the boyhood dream came true
His place in history had been set in stone

He formed a gang of misfits to take over the town
But continued to headline with the biggest names around
The group made us laugh, as well as gasp in awe
Sadly his body started to really let him down

While he was away, the fans were kept wanting
When he made his comeback, they were simply delighted
To see him breaking hearts and stealing shows
His foes on the other hand, were really frightened

As his career headed towards a dramatic close
His moment with Ric Flair, in history was froze
His final match with Undertaker immortalized them both
To the very top of the mountain, the Show Stopper had rose

After leaving the ring for the final time, he could hold his head lofty high
Honoured in the hall of fame, the greatest of servants to the game
He brought charisma, technique and passion to his work
In the heroic world of wrestling, he will always be the biggest of names


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