The Wyatt Family finally debut on an eventful Monday Night Raw

wyattfamilyThe chilling and dark Wyatt Family debut – Source: World Wrestling Entertainment

So I had to record Raw last night and watch it tonight. It’s just because I’ve been rushed off my feet with my day job and the Birmingham 2022 project I’ve been working on. Keep your eyes peeled for plenty of updates on all that, and eventually all the work I’ve done for the project. I’m not one of those guys who can stay up until 4am watching the show and be in for work at nine. Sadly for us Britons, there is no other choice. So I just finished watching, made some notes and I’m ready to deliver as always. I’m going for a Fave Five this week, because I don’t really have time to go through every match. The Raw review will be back to normal next week, so fear not and stay locked. For now, lets get down to these choices. I saved my favourite one for last. Take a look.

Daniel Bryan Not a surprise entry I know, but the beard pulled off another incredible performance in a lengthy, top quality opening match with Sheamus. He perfected all of the craziness he is now becoming known for. He has an expertly crafted move set at this point. An honourable mention goes to Sheamus too, as it takes two to tango. He has upped his game in the ring over the last couple of weeks. It seems the campaign for improved wrestling within WWE is taking no prisoners. But back to Bryan. He reversed the awesome cloverleaf to roll him up for the pinfall victory – a big one against a man who very rarely loses. It was a great opener from one of the most dependable guys on the roster. He wasn’t done there. He came down and beat up CM Punk and Randy Orton after their main event match. He knocked them both out and climbed the ladder to flaunt with the briefcase. A teasing metaphor or genuine foreshadowing? We shall see. Man this guy is getting puuuuuushed.

Mark Henry My man Mark makes the list (sorry for all the m’s) for his awesome face to face promo with John Cena. He called him out for being a puppet just like all the people, said he would sell out his own mother for the championship, and that he will be a sure fire Hall of Famer after he wins on Sunday. He then mocked him for his “goodness” which was funny. Being the Grade A heel that he is, he refused to cross Cena’s imaginary line for a fight. Instead he faked leaving the ring and cheap shotted him. The Champ got him up for the AA, but was crushed under his weight. Henry picked up his carcass and drilled him with the World’s Strongest Slam. I hope he gets the belt Sunday, even if his reign ends that same night. It would still be a nice touch.

Curtis Axel This was another pretty good match, in keeping with the trend, against Chris Jericho. He is really starting to look like the real deal. With Heyman at ringside, and his great technical ability, he is starting to get that glow. He reminds me of a young Randy Orton. He actually suffered his first loss here according to Cole, but I actually still thought he came over on top. I see big things for this guy!

vickiefiredThe dismissal of Vickie Guerrero – Source: World Wrestling Entertainment

Vickie Guerrero Now I know this one won’t be a well received choice, but I thought Vickie was actually thoroughly entertaining in the opening segment and in her job evaluation. She has her character down to an art, which is why I don’t see her being off TV for long (if at all) despite being fired by Stephanie McMahon. I think she deserves a parting gift after that, so she creeps onto the list. Her desperation, begging and temper tantrum all served to fuel this segment. Vince made Brad Maddox GM to get back at the fans. Ryback stopped Vickie on her way out of the arena, hugged her and told her “Everything is going to be okay” – Pretty weird but intriguing. I’d say as a performer, Vickie had a very successful night.

Bray Wyatt With the Wyatts’ scheduled to debut, it meant the end of the vignettes. Or did it? Raw decided to mark the end of an era occasion with several bite size videos of a so-called reporter hunting down the Wyatts’ for an interview at their “compound” – They were pretty cool to be honest. Towards the end of the night, Kane had just defeated Christian, when a final video came on the tron of Bray Wyatt giving a short interview. At the end, he lit a lantern while the two brothers stood behind him, in a room lit only by that small flame. He said “We’re here” Then the camera returned to the arena and the now infamous music came on. They walked to the ring in total darkness with the lantern, as if they had appeared from the video on the tron. I hope they make all of their entrances this way.

The two brothers then beat down Kane, while Bray sat and rocked back and forth in a wooden rocking chair on the ramp. They smashed the steel steps over his head and thus made their statement. There was a huge “Daniel Bryan” chant throughout the arena during the beating, but he never showed, and waited for the main event to make his second appearance of the night, thus now fully distancing himself from Kane and the whole Hell No angle successfully, in my opinion. Bryan is easily the most over guy in the company right now, even more than Cena.

As for Bray, it was a great debut for all three guys. Definitely worth the wait. But what is the plan now for them? Do they have any genuine direction for them? If it were up to me, I’d take the now injured Kane out of the match, have Bray win a match to qualify, go on to secure the briefcase, and cash it in to win the title at some point. Do I think there is any chance at all of that actually happening? No. At the end of the domination, some sections of the crowd were chanting “Husky Harris” – Obviously some pathetic smarks are proud of themselves. I think that was totally lame, and anyone who doesn’t love this whole stable can suck a dick.

punkThe always photogenic CM Punk – Source: World Wrestling Entertainment

Notes: My choices may be controversial, unorthodox and downright weird, but I’m a weird guy. I tried to avoid the most obvious of choices. Punk gets an honorary mention because he was a God as always, in his backstage interview and in his match with Randy Orton. That match was a really great main event. At one point, the crowd were divided chanting “Randy Orton/CM Punk”

Well I hope you at least found my ideas interesting, even if you completely disagreed with them. Stay locked as normal service will resume next week as far as Raw coverage goes. Leave a comment with your Fave Five from this weeks show, and join the debate. Give us a like, share or follow. Thanks for all of your support. It really does work, and it’s the reason why myself and my teammates are able to provide wrestling content on a daily basis – something a lot of wrestling blog sites don’t do. Thanks a lot for reading!



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