A super snappy look at a pretty good Smackdown

Thanks for checking out The Real Mid Card and our weekly review of Friday Night Smackdown. I have to say it was a pretty solid episode. It wasn’t out of this world but with the pay-per-view mostly booked and built up, what do you expect? I found it entertaining enough, mainly because of CM Punk. Have a gander and leave a comment letting me know what you thought of the show. Thanks for reading!

punkpromoHeated discussion between Punk and Del Rio – Source: World Wrestling Entertainment

I sat with a rare beer in hand waiting for the stupid cricket to end. Finally, a full hour and a half after the scheduled start time, Smackdown got under way and my boredom ceased. The show started with a very welcome appearance from CM Punk. He cut a typically brilliant promo about how he has only two goals: to get his hands on Brock Lesnar and to win the Money in the Bank ladder match. Alberto Del Rio interrupted him. A lot of people think he doesn’t have what it takes to get over without Ricardo but he did a really good job here. He cut a really good heel promo, with the classic anti-American angle. Oh, I didn’t mention, this was the 4th of July episode! The man Michael Cole described as “Captain Cliché” Teddy Long came out. I was actually scared that he may somehow manage to make this situation into a tag team match, but luckily he booked it for singles.

Then Paul Heyman and CM Punk caught up in the locker room. Heyman told him he thought the Del Rio match was a bad idea. Punk responded with a polite “Stay out of it”

The Usos v Rhodes Scholars This was a really good opening match. A big, impressive win for The Usos with the Hardy Boys esque top rope tag team finishing move. The Shield appeared on the screen and gave one of their classic awesome promos. Ambrose actually said he is going to “own the world” after Money in the Bank. That’s a world I want to be a part of!

Alicia Fox v Kaitlyn Before this match kicked off, all I could think about was what stunt AJ was going to pull this week. This was a decent technical match and continued the recent trend of good female wrestling in WWE. Alicia almost got the upset victory with a beautiful northern lights suplex into a bridge pin. AJ came out and skipped around the ring to distract Kaitlyn, who was then rolled up and defeated by Fox. This was slightly boring from AJ compared to the recent escapades from these two, but it did the job. I don’t get how people can dig AJ. She looks like a 13-year-old wearing 90s clothes.

Then Cole announced that the Wyatt Family will finally be appearing on Raw. Just in time before I completely lost interest in the stable. Thank god we don’t need to see any more vignettes. Now will they match up to the expectation? We will have to wait until Monday to see. I’m not sure why they gave the news away though. I would have done a surprise after all that build up but whatever.

THE VAULT: Nasty Boys v The Hart Foundation I actually found this match intriguing so I watched it all. Jimmy Hart was at ringside for the Nasty Boys. The English guy on commentary annoys me. This was a really good match. The tag teams of today could learn a lot from this. It did all the basics well and told a great story. My only problem with it was the fact that it was really long. WWE shouldn’t be wasting so much programming time on the past, when they have a great crop of young superstars who aren’t even getting on TV.

ortonddtOrton lines up Christian for his trademark DDT – Source: World Wrestling Entertainment

Randy Orton v Christian It was great to see this incredible rivalry revisited. It was a pretty good match which ended when Orton kicked out of the spear and got the win with the RKO moments later.

Dolph Ziggler came out and gave a face promo, talking about how winning the World Title and getting that huge pop the night after Wrestlemania was one of the best moments of his life. It’s so weird seeing him cutting a face promo.

Dolph Ziggler v Drew McIntyre Surely there is someone else he can have these nothing matches with. I know that pretty much all of the pay-per-view has been booked and built up, but surely he can do filler with someone better than these 3MB jerks. He won with the zigzag, and then decided to play what looked a lot like kiss chase with the three of them. They didn’t catch him. It was really, really funny.

Fandango v Justin Gabriel More jobbing time for Gabriel, but at least he is on TV. That’s better than nothing! It was short and sweet and Fandango won with the top rope leg drop. I guess he is still gonna do this regularly and risk paralysis in the long-term.

CM Punk v Alberto Del Rio Paul Heyman was ordered by Tag Teddy to join the commentary team for the match. It was a very good lengthy main event which sadly finished with a double count out no contest. The way it happened was pretty cool though. Del Rio ended up in Heyman’s face and struck him. Punk lost it and beat him senseless in a rage. He hit him with the GTS in the ring after the bell had been rung.

punkrioPunk with Del Rio up for the GTS – Source: World Wrestling Entertainment

This wasn’t an insanely good show but it was solid. A couple of good promos. All the usual characters and a surprise appearance from Punk (who at this point is too good for Smackdown) A big announcement. A good selection of matches. No complaints at all!

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